Quest:An Unseen Hand

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An Unseen Hand
Level 49
Type Solo
Starts with Faenhilith
Starts at Echad Eregion
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [47.0S, 12.5W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Chain The Ruins of Pembar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, while these half-orcs have a much greater cunning by far than common Orcs, they do not have the wherewithal to maintain discipline. They are greedy and unruly.

'I fear there is a powerful leader among them, who is utterly loyal to the will of Saruman. The half-orcs will not be dismayed from their task as long as this leader lives. I must ask you to return to Pembar and draw forth this leader.

'There is a horn of summoning in Pembar, within the southern entrance to the ruins, north-east of here. While it is a distasteful notion, blow upon the horn... the leader will no doubt answer your challenge.'


You recovered many relics and trinkets from the half-orcs at Pembar, but Faenhilith is wary still.

Objective 1

  • Blow summoning horn and defeat the leader of the half-orcs

The summoning horn is inside the southern entrance to the ruins of Pembar, north-east of Echad Eregion.

Faenhilith has asked you to return to Pembar and use the Orkish summoning horn to challenge the leader of the half-orcs.

Faenhilith: 'Even among that foul breed, there is pride. If you blow upon the summoning horn at Pembar, the leader of the half-orcs will surely answer your challenge.'
Fauldush says, "Who challenges Fauldush? Who dares to challenge the fighting Uruk-hai?"
Fauldush says, "Saruman will reward me for you heart!"
Fauldush says, "The General will avenge me!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Faenhilith at Echad Eregion

Faenhilith is at Echad Eregion, south-west of Pembar.

You should return to Faenhilith with news of your victory against Fauldush.

Faenhilith: 'What is this you say? These half-orcs were led by some foul breed of Orc you have never before seen?
'Neither have I heard of the Uruk-hai. It can only be the product of some other agent of the enemy as yet unrevealed to us.
'Your efforts are appreciated, <name>, but I fear more terrible things are yet to come....'