Crafting Journals Index

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  • Crafting Journals are crafted by Scholars and allow to increase the critical success chance for single use recipes.
  • There is no mimimum level to be able to use a crafting journal

Name Craft Bonus
Master Journeyman Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Journeyman Jeweller's Journal +35%
Expert Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Expert Jeweller's Journal +35%
Artisan Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Artisan Jeweller's Journal +35%
Master Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Master Jeweller's Journal +35%
Supreme Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Supreme Jeweller's Journal +35%
Westfold Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Westfold Jeweller's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Jeweller's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Jeweller's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Jeweller's Journal +25%
Master Journeyman Metalworker's Journal-icon.png Journeyman Metalsmith's Journal +35%
Expert Metalworker's Journal-icon.png Expert Metalsmith's Journal +35%
Artisan Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Artisan Metalsmith's Journal +35%
Master Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Master Metalsmith's Journal +35%
Supreme Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Supreme Metalsmith's Journal +35%
Westfold Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Westfold Metalsmith's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Metalsmith's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Metalsmith's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Metalsmith's Journal +25%
Westfold Scholar's Journal-icon.png Westfold Scholar's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Scholar's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Scholar's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Scholar's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Scholar's Journal +25%
Master Journeyman Tailor's Journal-icon.png Journeyman Tailor's Journal +35%
Expert Tailor's Journal-icon.png Expert Tailor's Journal +35%
Artisan Tailor's Journal-icon.png Artisan Tailor's Journal +35%
Master Tailor's Journal-icon.png Master Tailor's Journal +35%
Supreme Tailor's Journal-icon.png Supreme Tailor's Journal +35%
Westfold Tailor's Journal-icon.png Westfold Tailor's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Tailor's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Tailor's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Tailor's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Tailor's Journal +25%
Master Journeyman Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Journeyman Weaponsmith's Journal +35%
Expert Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Expert Weaponsmith's Journal +35%
Artisan Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Artisan Weaponsmith's Journal +35%
Master Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Master Weaponsmith's Journal +35%
Supreme Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Supreme Weaponsmith's Journal +35%
Westfold Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Westfold Weaponsmith's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Weaponsmith's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Weaponsmith's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Weaponsmith's Journal +25%
Master Journeyman Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Journeyman Woodworker's Journal +35%
Expert Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Expert Woodworker's Journal +35%
Artisan Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Artisan Woodworker's Journal +35%
Master Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Master Woodworker's Journal +35%
Supreme Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Supreme Woodworker's Journal +35%
Westfold Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Westfold Woodworker's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Eastemnet Woodworker's Journal +25%
Eastemnet Woodworker's Journal-icon.png Westemnet Woodworker's Journal +25%

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