Bálach Iaran, the Iron Pass (West)

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Bálach Iaran, the Iron Pass
Type: Pass
Region: Angmar
Area: Nan Gurth
Location: [5.6N, 18.6W]
Bálach Iaran (West).jpg

Bálach Iaran, the Iron Pass is a landmark within Nan Gurth, in Angmar. [5.6N, 18.6W]

The mountain pass has sat empty and untraveled for many years but is now in use again, connecting Angmar to Câr Bronach, where at the height of its power Angmar's reach extended all the way to the slopes of Mount Gundabad.

Reaching the beginning of the way up to the pass is quite hazardous because of the dense mix of strong enemies, but the pass itself is unguarded on the western side. The steep way up to the pass begins at [5.8N, 19.3W]

Warning: Câr Bronach is a level 135 area and the eastern side is well-guarded. [54.4N, 73.1W]