Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu

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Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu
Level: 65+
Cluster: Skirmish
Region: Angmar


Rescue in Nûrz Gâshu is a skirmish which takes place in the Rift. Since it is a skirmish, it can be started anytime and anywhere, as long as the player is not already in an instance.

"Taken by some madness, Golodir has ventured into the Rift. The air is thick with menace, and the stench of Thaurlach lingers..."


In the time he is most needed, Golodir, ranger of the North and still grieving the death of his daughter Lorniel, suddenly disappears. His friend Corunir fears he is not himself anymore and follows his tracks to the Rift. What madness has come to Golodir, travelling alone to such a horrible place? We need to help Corunir find Golodir, and convince him to join the Grey Company, called upon by Aragorn.


This Skirmish is meant for players of Level 65 and higher. It is part of Chapter 8 of Volume 3 Book 1, The Depths of Duty, and necessary to complete the chapter.

Possible groups

This Skirmish be completed at the following sizes:

  • Solo (1)
  • Duo (2)
  • Small Fellowship (3)
  • Fellowship (6)
  • Raid (12)

General Recommendations

It is highly recommended to be familar with Fellowship Manoeuvres before completing this Skirmish. At Duo size or larger, these manoeuvres are required and are used multiple times throughout this Skirmish:

  1. Several times when weakening/clearing the three Torechs obstructing the path (only red and yellow manoeuvres), and
  2. Occasionally when healing Golodir before and during the final fight against Erebún (only blue or green manoeuvres)

White large text will appear on-screen indicating the Fellowship Manoeuvre that must be used, and under that a different colour text will appear corresponding to the button color.


There is one quest in this skirmish, received automatically when entering and which can be completed once per day. It rewards players with extra marks on top of the usual skirmish rewards.


Apart from the normal slayer-deeds, which can be completed in all skirmishes, the following deed is specific to this skirmish:

  • Defeat Narubras
  • Defeat Gormalith
  • Defeat Gháshglob
  • Defeat Morfuin
  • Defeat Snagtalún
  • Defeat Lúgryn
  • Defeat Nurnor
  • Defeat Cefrog

Reward: Title: Rescuer of Nûrz Ghâshu

Since only one or two of these encounter mobs will be available per skirmish, players must complete this deed over multiple Skirmishes.

Note on player character level Deed restrictions:

  • For example, if a character participating in this Skirmish is level 86, encounter mobs will not count toward their deed. The player may have to defeat an encounter, such as Nurnor, at the appropriate level near level 65 for it to count towards deed completion.


For all possible skirmish Lieutenants, see the page Skirmish Lieutenants. The following mobs are encounters within this skirmish:

Encounter Recommendations

If the fellowship receives encounter updates while fighting the Torechs, it is recommended not to activate them until all three Torechs are cleared. Otherwise, it is possible for the group to become overwhelmed fighting both encounter mobs at groups of regular mobs at the same time, which is hindering and unnecessary.

The fellowship will most likely come across two encounters, but sometimes only one occurs. For more info about the eight different encounters in this skirmish, see Mobs.

Note: Be sure to complete the encounters before entering Norbar. The emblems can be used against the final boss within.

Random Encounter mobs:

Note that the fellowship will only meet some of these mobs during the instance, not all.

Instance Overview

The instance starts after talking to Corunir. Follow him when he runs further.

Clearing Torechs Lach, Naur, and Ruin

Corunir says: "Golodir is not himself, of this I am certain."
Corunir says: "He is the wisest Ranger I have known. What could have driven him to this place?"
Corunir says: "I cannot understand it. We must rescue him, even if it be from himself."
An ancient fumerole, Torech Lach, has arisen and blocked your path!
The denizens of Nûrz Gâshu are coming to protect the ancient Torech!

Note: From the south a group of mobs will appear. After killing these, Corunir says: "I have found its weakness! Quickly, strike at it! Quickly, strike the Torech!" Run to the Torech (small volcano-shaped obstruction) and strike it by right-clicking. If skirmish is being completed at Duo size or larger, the group will have to perform the Fellowship Manoeuvre Corunir calls out.

For example, at Duo size, Corunir may call out:

  • Clash of Arms (red, top)
  • Misdirection (yellow, bottom)

If the correct Fellowship Manoeuvre is not used, the path will remain obstructed by the Torech Lach and another group of mobs will appear. Defeat them for Corunir to create another opening to clear the path. If the correct Fellowship Manoeuvre is not used again, groups of mobs will continue to appear and must be defeated before progress can be made.

Torech Lach has been destroyed. The path forward is open.
Corunir says: "Make haste! We must reach Norbar before it is too late!"

Follow the path to the north until a second fumerole appears.

An ancient fumerole, Torech Naur, has arisen and blocked your path!
The denizens of Nûrz Gâshu are coming to protect the ancient Torech!

Another of mobs will appear from the south. Defeat them to proceed. Corunir says: "I have found its weakness! Quickly, strike at it! Quickly, strike the Torech!"
Hit the Torech and complete the correct Fellowship Manoeuvre (if in a group). "Excellent hit! Protect me while I find the next weak spot!"
The denizens of Nûrz Gâshu are coming to protect the ancient Torech!

Defeat another group of mobs at this Torech. Hit it and complete the correct Fellowship Manoeuvre (if in a group).

Torech Naur has been destroyed. The path forward is open.
Corunir says: "Make haste! We must reach Norbar before it is too late!"

An ancient fumerole, Torech Ruin, has arisen and blocked your path!
Corunir says: "Protect me while I try to find its weakness!"
The denizens of Nûrz Gâshu are coming to protect the ancient Torech!

Stand at the platform where Corunir is: groups of mobs will randomly spawn from the west or the east. There will be three groups in total, and after each one, the group must strike the Torech (and perform the Fellowship Manoeuvre). Again, if the correct Fellowship Manoeuvre is not used, mobs will continue to spawn and must be defeated for progress to be made. Select the right Manoeuvres, and the Torech will be cleared.

Torech Ruin has been destroyed. The doors to the Coliseum and Golodir are now open.
Corunir says: "Come, we must enter Norbar and find Golodir!"

Within Norbar

After completing any spawned encounters, enter the door to Norbar and speak to Corunir again. The player's soldier will be dismissed when entering; quickly summon a new one. Follow Corunir to the other side of the lava lake, where Golodir is. Jump over the lava streams - they deal significant damage. (Continue to avoid the streams in the following fight against Erebún.)

At this stage, Golodir will become attackable. Avoid damage to him as much as possible, as bringing his morale to zero will cause the Skirmish to automatically fail! Golodir remains vulnerable throughout the subsequent fight against Erebún; avoid using Area of Effect spells and summoned pets to avoid killing him. Occasionally, a (confused) Golodir will be open to heals and/or power through green and blue Fellowship Manoeuvres, respectively. The required Fellowship Manoeuvre must first be used on Golodir before will mobs spawn.

Talk to Corunir again, and the fight with Erebún will begin. Don't forget to use any emblems! There are several factors to consider:

During the fight, Corunir will lay traps, visible as blue circles. Erebún will receive huge damage when lured in to this traps. When he has made a trap, Corunir will say: "The trap is set! Quickly, draw him towards it!".

(This factor is not apparent for solo play.) If completing this skirmish at Duo size or larger, the group must perform blue and green fellowship manoeuvres on Golodir during the fight to keep him alive. If the group fails to do so more than one time, Golodir will die and the Skirmish will fail. For example, at Duo size, these manoeuvres are:

  • Planned Attack (blue, left)
  • Rallying Cry (green, right)

At Small Fellowship size, these manoeuvres are:

  • Three Pronged Assault (blue, left)
  • Mustering of the Troops (green, right)

(This factor is not apparent for solo play.) If completing this skirmish at Duo size or larger, one or several Caerogs will wake up (for the exact amount of Caerogs, check under Boss). The Caerogs will receive a special buff when crowd controlled (e.g. stunned or rooted). This buff is so high (approximately -30% damage received) that it is best to avoid crowd control skills entirely.

After all creatures are defeated, loot the chest and talk to Corunir to end the skirmish.

Boss and End Fight


  • Have one or two tank(s) kite all 4 Caerogs, while others defeat Erebún first. The Caerogs will do knockbacks and can interrupt/fail Fellowship Manoeuvres.
  • Avoid using AoE and unsummon all damaging pets to avoid accidentally killing Golodir, who has relatively low morale (6,972 morale).
  • Fellowship Manoeuvres must be used on (confused) Golodir from time to time, in the same way as against the Torechs. When staring the fight, the first Manoeuvre must be completed on him before mobs spawn.

Level Name Difficulty Species
66 Erebún Elite Nameless

The amount of morale and mobs differ depending on the grouping and tier.
When playing at Duo size or larger, additional Caerogs will awaken from around the lava lake, correlating with the number of players in a fellowship.

Player Level Player Grouping Player Tier Erebún's Morale Adds Adds Morale
65 Solo I 12.228 None None
65 Solo II 14.946 None None
65 Solo III 16,645 ? ?
65 Duo I ? 1 Caerog ?
65 Duo II 45.335 1 Caerog ?
65 Duo III ? 1 Caerog ?
65 Small Fellowship I ? 1 Caerog ?
65 Small Fellowship II ? 1 Caerog ?
65 Small Fellowship III 67.935 1 Caerog ?
65 Fellowship I ? 3 Caerogs ?
65 Fellowship II ? ? ?
65 Fellowship III ? ? ?
75 Raid I 376.488 4 Caerogs 125.496
75 Raid II ? ? ?
75 Raid III ? ? ?


After defeating Erebún, remember to loot the chest. Competing the skirmish will reward reputation with The Eldgang. Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List