Nád Nathair

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Nád Nathair
Type: Drake Nests
Region: Angmar
Area: Fasach-larran
Location: [3.5N, 39.5W]

Nád Nathair is a landmark within Fasach-larran, in Angmar. [3.5N, 39.5W]

In the northwest-most mountain ridges Fasach-larran is a secluded pocket of strange chasms. In the lower valley, as well as around the entryways, brutish hill-beasts make their home. Within the deeper chasms and higher ridges, a large population of fiery drakes have found a nesting ground. Among those drakes the mightiest is Bloodwing, matron of the drakes. She perches at the highest nest overlooking the lower nests and valleys.


Terrain Map of Nád Nathair



During quest instance


These creatures are encountered at this location: