Mor Maudhúl

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Mor Maudhúl
Type: War-camp
Region: Angmar
Area: Eastern Malenhad
Location: [3.1N, 27.7W]

Mor Maudhúl is a landmark within Eastern Malenhad, in Angmar. [3.1N, 27.7W]

This large camp is built on and around a ruined town elevated above the brimstone bogs in the south. It is located athwart the main road connecting Eastern Malenhad to Imlad Balchorth to the north and the encampment of Bail Boglakh to the west. Two large command tents are surrounded by many small tents and fires scattered throughout the camp.

At Mor Maudhúl a large amount of Krahjarn Yrch have gathered, as well as a decently sized band of Uruk-hai of the same tribe. They are diligently patrolling the camp and the immediate areas. A narrow gap in the south-eastern corner of the palisades leads straight into the section where Ronkûrz, the Champion of Maethad, is musing himself with some Uruks sparring him.


One of the two Uruk-hai command tents



These deeds can be advanced by exploring Mor Maudhúl:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


This watchtower overlooks the great sulphur lake of Duvuinen to the south. From here, scouts and commanders can survey the watch-fires of the gathering armies and observe their movements as they draw up their plans. — Deed