Quest:Instance: Mazog

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Instance: Mazog
Level 59
Type Solo only
Starts with Bori
Starts at The Chamber of Leadership
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [6.5S, 105.4W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 5
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"Pride oft heralds woe, it is said. With the power of the mithril axe Zigilburk at hand, will pride overthrow the dwarves who seek to reclaim Moria, or will it fuel the fire that burns within them to drive forth Mazog from Zabadgathol at last?"


Bori is certain that with the power of the mithril axe Zigilburk along your help, he can defeat Mazog and end the threat of war.

Objective 1

Bori is by one approach to Zabadgathol.

Bori is waiting for you to accompany him to Zabadgathol.

Bori: 'Do you remember our victory at Stazgnâkh? This will be even more glorious, for now I wield the power of Zigilburk!
'With one blow we will slay Mazog and leave the Orcs leaderless and confused.
'Onward, my friends! There are many Orc-necks ahead, and Zigilburk thirsts for battle!'
Bori says, "Onward, my friends! Zigilburk will bring us victory!"

Objective 2

  • Knock on the fortress door

The door to the fortress of Zabadgathol is ahead.

Bori wants you to knock on the fortress door to summon Mazog.

Bori says, "Here we are. Bang on the door, <name>, to tell Mazog we have come for him!"
Bori: 'Knock on the door, <name>, and tell Mazog that we have come to end his pitiful life and reign!'
Your knock reverberates throughout the cavern, but there is no answer.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Bori

Bori awaits an answer to his challenge.

You should speak with Bori and defend him if the need arises.

Bori: 'Why does he not answer? For all the whispering of his warrior, I had not thought Mazog to be as cowardly as he now appears!
'Perhaps the sight of Zigilburk shining in the harsh light of this place has turned his legs to jelly and his courage to water!'
  • Protect Bori
Bori says, "Mazog! Come out and face me!"
Mazog says, "Who is it who comes to Zabadgathol, the fortress of Mazog, Lord of Caves?"
Mazog says, "Who dares to challenge my forces?"
Mazog says, "What is this?"
Mazog says, "Why are there so few of you? Is this some joke?"
Bori says, "No, Mazog. With the mithril axe, Zigilburk, I am more than your match."
Mazog says, "I think not, beardling. Kill them!"
Bori says, "Enough of this, Mazog! Zigilburk will be your doom!"
Gorothúl says, "I cannot allow you to do that, Master Dwarf."
Gorothúl says, "You are Bósi, the leader of the dwarves that have returned to Moria?"
Bori says, "I am Bori, son of mighty Bósi."
Bori says, "Release me, that I may slay you and Mazog together!"
Mazog says, "I will destroy him, Gorothúl! Let me make you a gift of his head!"
Gorothúl says, "No, friend Mazog. We can put him to better use than that."
Gorothúl says, "And see what a pretty axe he bears! This too will be put to good use."
Bori says, "Zigilburk will be your death, villain! Your foul craft cannot hold me forever!"
Gorothúl says, "Perhaps not, but it will hold long enough."

Objective 4

  • Survive your encounter with Gorothúl and do as he says

Bori has been frozen by some foul craft, and you are released to bring the grim tidings to the dwarves.

Gorothúl says, "Your friend I release, to bring word of these events to your father."
Mazog says, "Pûlpum, to me! Show this <race> out!"
Pûlpum Veteran says, "This way, maggot! You get to leave... all by yourself!"
Pûlpum Veteran says, "Come on, come on, this way."
Pûlpum Veteran says, "Give me an excuse to kill you, <race>. Go ahead."
Pûlpum Veteran says, "Through here, maggot! Mazog doesn't want to see you here again!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "Stupid <race>!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "Run back to your homes before you get hurt!"
Moria Orc-warrior says, "You aren't going this way, whelp!"

Objective 5

Sweina has arrived on the outskirts.

You should talk to Sweina about the grim turn of events.

Sweina says, "<name>, over here! Where is Bori?"
Sweina: '<name>, what has happened? Where is Bori?'
Sweina listens in shocked silence to your account, his fists clenching in wrath.
'Cursed Orcs! Always they seek some strong ally, some powerful force to tell them what to do, a lesser master under their greater one, perhaps, but still terrible!
'We have to get out of here, <name>. There is nothing we can do for Bori now.'
Sweina: 'As much as it pains me to say this, we should go. If the sorceror wields such foul craft as you say, we cannot hope to survive long enough to free Bori or to wrest Zigilburk from his enchanted hand.
'Quickly, <class>. Before the Orcs decide that our heads would send message enough!'