Dor Gûl

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Dor Gûl
Region: Angmar
Area: Imlad Balchorth
Landmark: Eithel Úmfaer
Location: [5.4N, 29.3W]

Dor Gûl is a library found within Imlad Balchorth in Angmar. [5.4N, 29.3W]

Dor Gûl Entrance

This library is a public dungeon located by a terrace in the northern Eithel Úmfaer. It is a library of ancient knowledge and lore. The walls of the tombs are stuffed with just as many dusty scrolls as they are skulls. A host of necromancers have holed up in the barrow together with Múl Kholuim, where they are likely pilfering it for its forgotten secrets. However, for being a library this is very damp with water below the flooring.

Dor Gûl is somewhat hard to find but head up to the top of the hill. To the north of an Iron Crown Spirit-master is a passage with several enemies and behind them a short stair down to this library.


Annotated Map with Dor Gûl



The following creatures are encountered within this area: