Dûn Covád

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Dûn Covád
Type: Angmarim Town
Region: Angmar
Area: Fasach-falroid
Location: [6.8N, 37.6W]

Dûn Covád is a landmark within Fasach-falroid, in Angmar. [6.8N, 37.6W]

This large town built on the steep mountain faces of western Fasach-falroid holds no remaining friendly citizens. Instead, the town is overrun by yrch of the Ongbúrz Tribe and Angmarim in service of Mordirith. Vile Watching-stones are inflicting Dread on adventurers wandering too close. The yrch are led by Chieftain Nûlthauk as well as the much stronger War-master Ranghâsh. And Angmarim is lead by Gillë Andras.

Dûn Covád has three gates whereof the southern gate provides relatively easy access. On the contrary, the north-eastern gate is patrolled by elite Angmarim, encountered already at the square outside the gates. Outside the north-western gates a long path leads around to Carn Dûm, those gates are guarded by Angmarim Gate-keepers and two Ancient Watching-stones inflicting +5 Dread and Evil Presence effects. Going through the gates undefeated requires a will strong enough to counter those effects.


Terrain Map of Dûn Covád



These creatures are encountered at this location: