Búth Luikh

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Búth Luikh
Type: Tent
Region: Angmar
Area: Aughaire
Location: [0.2S, 39.8W]

Búth Luikh is a landmark within Aughaire, in Angmar. [0.2S, 39.8W]

In the south of Aughaire lies the tent of Búth Luikh where the hill-men of Trév Gállorg plan for the defence of their refuge in Aughaire. A number of hill-men seek shelter but they also welcome friendly strangers who perhaps could help them with some tasks.

For a fair amount of money the Búth Luikh Wound-counter may help unwary adventurers who have lost their quest rewards.


Inside the tent of Búth Luikh
Terrain Map of Aughaire




NPC Function Coords
Búth Luikh Wound-counter Quest Item Vendor [0.2S, 39.8W]
Clan Hunters Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
Eilig Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
Feradakh Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
Guirmán Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
Sorkha Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]