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Updating pages for ROI (Rise of Isengard) released 26 September 2011. Apparently also known as Update #4, as Update 5 is scheduled for December 2011 and Update 3 was called "Lost Legends of Eriador"


Here is the layout of the Maps in-game at release.
A single map Dunlending displays all three regions, but no detail other than Galtrev.
The three region maps are:

* Pit of Iron

Language and Lore

The Huntsman (NPC) - Rhi Helvarch,
Hall of the Huntsman
* [65] The Wild Hunt
* [65] Instance: Father of Our Lament
* [66] Quest:Instance: Rise and Fall

* [65] The Wild Hunt: Munfaeril's Spirit
* [71] Munfaeril's Warning
* [71] Munfaeril's Warning -- Instance
  • The Caru-lûth, the Stag-clan
  • The Turch-lûth, the People of the Boar (Boar-clan) - nearly destroyed by the Draig-lûth
  • The Draig-lûth, the Dragon-clan - allies of Saruman
  • The Hebog-lûth, the Falcon-clan
  • The Uch-lûth, the Ox-clan - gave succor to the Turch-lûth in generations past, but now oppress them
  • The Avanc-lûth, the Lizard-clan



Gap of Rohan

Nan Curunír

Quest Gating

These pages are laid out according to the sequence of quest availability.

* User:Magill/Projects-Bonevales Quest gating - Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Trum Dreng Quest gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Galtreve Quest gating - Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Tâl Methedras gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Starkmoor gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Dunbog gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Carreglyn gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Graven wood gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Forthbrond gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Grimbold's Camp gating- Reference
* User:Magill/Projects-Nan Curunir - reference

And now for something completely different

This really has nothing to do with ROI --

According to Middle-earth everything should lay out this way...

Locations within Middle-earth are subdivided for easier navigation:


Lands -- the only accessible lands are Eriador and Rhovanion


Regions -- lands divided into zones (all regions)

Regions of Eriador
AngmarBree-landDunland (Gap of RohanNan Curunír) • EnedwaithEred LuinEregionEttenmoorsEvendimForochelThe Lone-landsThe Misty MountainsThe North DownsThe ShireThe Trollshaws

{{Eriador}} Template:Eriador

Regions of Rhovanion
East Rohan (Wildermore) • The Great RiverLothlórienMirkwoodMoriaEryn Lasgalen and the Dale-landsWest Rohan (Entwood) • Vales of Anduin

{{Rhovanion}} Template:Rhovanion