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Pren Gwydh - Galtrev

Category:Dunland: Pren Gwydh Quests

Epic Quests

  • Anwen (80.7S, 16.7W) -- Book 4,Chapter 4: The Lower Village
  • Catrin - Falcon Clan (80.0S, 16.6W) -- Book 4, Chapter 4: The Lower Village
  • Hulun - Ox Clan (80.2S, 15.5W)

Quest Involvement

Quests that start or are "gated" from Galtrev are listed here. Note that they are all listed in your Quest Log as: Pren Gwydh Quests. The associated Deed Quests in Pren Gwydh is to complete 30 quests in Pren Gwydh.

Many of these quests require some previous quest to unlock the NPC Quest giver. Unlike previous Regions, the NPC Quest givers in Dunland do NOT have any sort of "ring" above their head to indicated that "later" they will give you a quest.

Because of "layering" or "phasing" of quests, many quest givers may not only appear, but also disappear, depending upon which quests you have completed! A good example is the three White Hand Guards at the entrances to Galtrev. They are present (and offering a quest string) until you have completed the quest string which begins with Taking Matters into Their Own Hands.

1- [67] Galtrev: The Capital Settlement -- Ruthless Tom, White Hand Guard [80.8S, 17.2W]

White Hand Guard - East Entrance [80.4S, 15.3W]
White Hand Guard - North Entrance [79.7S, 16.4W]
The quest string Galtrev: The Capital Settlement begins at any of the three White Hand Guards at the entrance to Galtrev.
White Hand Overseer 1 [80.7S, 16.9W]
White Hand Overseer 2 [80.9S, 16.7W]
White Hand Overseer 3 [80.5S, 16.2W]

2- [67] The Blocked Supply-lines - Flint Ironheart [79.7S, 16.5W]- White Hand

Completing the above opens Luned and Urien

3- [67] A Gnawing Worry - Luned [80.0S, 16.4W]

4- [67] Stalled Along the Road - Urien [79.9S, 16.4W]

Completeing Luned and Urien's quests opens up:
NOTE: (Spoiler) Completing this string (through "Instance:The Meaning of Alliance") removes the White Hand from Galtrev.

6- [67] Taking Matters into Their Own Hands - Mari [80.3S, 16.6W]

7- [67] The Crow-thief - Envus [80.0S, 17.0W]

8- [67] A Hunt for Wolves - Hopcun [80.0S, 17.0W]

  • [69] To the Starkmoor -- Mari - might be level gated or tied to completion of VIII Book 4 Chapter 9 -- return to Galtrev -- I have not yet talked to Wadu's Ghost.... Interestingly this quest shows up under Rise of Isengard in the Quest Log.

Epic Quests

  • Anwen (80.7S, 16.7W) -- Book 4,Chapter 4: The Lower Village
  • Catrin - Falcon Clan (80.0S, 16.6W) -- Book 4, Chapter 4: The Lower Village
  • Hulun - Ox Clan (80.2S, 15.5W)

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