Quest:The Crow-thief

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The Crow-thief
Level 67
Type Solo
Starts with Envus
Starts at Galtrev
Start Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.0S, 17.0W]
Ends with Rook
Ends at Rook's Hut
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [79.5S, 19.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

My shiny ball is gone! It was a gift from my father, before he went away to battle the strawheads. I would give anything to find it, but it does not seem to be anywhere I look.

'Could you ask around, please? Please, please, please! Maybe one of the other children took it. I know Myve was looking at it quite a lot when my father first gave it to me....'


A child's toy ball seems to have gone missing, and a witness is positive it was stolen by a crow.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Myve in Galtrev about the missing toy

Myve, the child who seemed to covet the shiny toy, is somewhere in Galtrev.

You should speak with Myve to see if she is hiding the shiny ball from its rightful owner.

Myve: 'Envus is missing that shiny ball? Sure I looked at it, but it did not take it. What would I do with a ball like that? I want to play with spears, not useless, shiny toys'

Myve had no interest in the toy, but perhaps someone else in Galtrev saw something

Objective 2

  • Search Galtrev for someone with information about the toy ball

Someone who may have witnessed the pilfering of Envus's toy would likely be in Galtrev.

You should look around and see if anyone saw someone make off with the shiny ball.

Owena: 'I heard you mention Envus' missing toy -- a shiny ball, you say? I think I saw a crow taking off with such a ball last night.

'It is strange, I know, but there could be no mistake. It was a black bird flying with a shiny object clutched in its talons, heading north-west.'

It would appear that a crow has flown off with the shiny ball

Objective 3

  • Find the crow that stole the child's toy ball

The crow that stole the ball was seen flying to the north-west.

You should head north-west to try and recover Envus' favourite toy.

Rook: 'So you come seeking to reclaim the palantir? I knew someone would be back for it; it was my craban that brought it to me!

'But hearken: a palantir is no toy for a child.

'I am Rook, an apprentice Wizard. You should leave this dangerous object in my capable hands for the time being.'