Quest:A Hunt for Wolves

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A Hunt for Wolves
Level 67
Type Solo
Starts with Hopcun
Starts at Galtrev
Start Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.3S, 17.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

We have a ritual here, Duvodiad, and it involves hunting the wolves that stalk the trees of Pren Gwydh. These are evil beasts, and they flourish in these lands, and our warriors must always keep them at bay.

Unfortunately, the hunt cannot be as frequent when the best of our warriors have left us for the war. We need stout hunters to combat the wolves as they grow bolder without opposition.


One of the common rituals for the folk of Galtrev involves hunting the evil wolves that stalk the lands of Pren Gwydh.

Objective 1

Common wolves can be found roaming boldly throughout Pren Gwydh.

Since the warriors have left, the people of Galtrev must rely on you to hunt the wolves of this land.

Objective 2

Hopcun is in Galtrev.

You should return to Hopcun after your successful hunt.

Hopcun: 'You have done well! Perhaps you are ready for a more challenging task in the wolf-hunt...'