Quest:Instance: The Meaning of Alliance

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Instance: The Meaning of Alliance
Level 67
Type Solo only
Starts with Tomos
Starts at Dragon-clan Settlement
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [80.5S, 19.9W]
Ends with Mari
Ends at Galtrev
End Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.2S, 16.6W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The people of Galtrev have formed an alliance with the White Hand, for Isengard has vowed friendship in return for assistance in the war effort. But the folk left behind in the presence of the servants of Saruman are little more than slaves in this new era...."


The people of Galtrev wish to free themselves from the unfairly one-sided alliance with Isengard's White Hand presence.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Tomos
  • Tomos must not fall

Tomas stands nearby.

You should speak with Tomos.

Tomos: 'I believe my people are ready to be free of this burdon...but there is only one way to find out. But first, I must find my wife.

'Come, my friend. She will be glad to know that you survived the ordeal as well.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Tomos
  • Tomos must not fall

Tomos is searching for his wife, Mari.

You should follow Tomos through Galtrev.

Objective 3

  • Follow Tomos
  • Tomos must not fall

Tomos is searching for his wife, Mari.

You should follow Tomos to Mari's side.

Tomos says, "Mari!"
Mari says, "Tomos! What have you done?"
Tomos says, "What do you mean? We have driven away the Dragon Clan threat!"
Mari says, "Yes, how wonderful. But what of the White Hand?"
Mari says, "The overseers came to me many times while you were gone...."
Mari says, "They demanded to know where you had gone!"
Mari says, "What have we done? We are not free...."
Mari says, "We are slaves! They will punish you for disobeying them."
Tomos says, "Do not worry, my love. I will deal with these wicked men!"
Mari says, "An overseer! He is coming!"
White Hand Overseer says, "Oi! You there!"
An angry White Hand Overseer approaches....
Worker says, "What is going on here?"

Objective 4

An angry White Hand Overseer has appeared to make Tomos answer for his crime of missing the day's work.

You should speak with the Overseer to try to appease him.

White Hand Overseer: 'Two little mongrels went rogue today and missed their day's work, <name>. How do you propose to make up that labour to Saruman?

'You had best start running, little <race>, you and your friend Tomos. I will not be merciful....'

The Overseer does not seem very forgiving
White Hand Overseer says, "Where have you been, eh?"

Objective 5

  • Help defend the people of Galtrev
  • Tomos must not fall

The half-orc to whom you spoke seems unreasonabley angry.

You should defend yourself and the townsfolk from the wrath of the serveants of Isengard.

White Hand Overseer says, "I've had it with you lazy mongrels!"
White Hand Overseer says, "Starting now: when you don't finish your work, you pay for it with blood!"
Tomos says, "We are not the slaves of Saruman! This was to be an alliance!"
Tomos says, "We gave Saruman our warriors, and he vowed to protect us in their stead!"
Your mighty blow defeated the White Hand Overseer.
A White Hand Overseer has been defeated; this act of defiance will surely enrage the servants of Isengard

Objective 6

  • Help people of Galtrev
  • Tomos must not fall

Defeat the servants of the White Hand.

Gethin says, "Tomos, we heard a commotion! Are you all right?"
Gethin says, "There has been talk amongst the men from Isengard...we feared they were attacking you!"
Tomos says, "I think we have beat them to it, Gethin...."
Tomos says, "Hear me, my people!"
Tomos says, "Saruman has taken our warriors away and replaced them with an alliance with White Hand."
Tomos says, "This alliance is nothing but enslavement for our people!"
Tomos says, "We must free ourselves from these oppressors!"
Worker says, "Hear, hear!"
Rhianu says, "I agree with Tomos. Down with the White Hand!"
Flint Ironheart says, "What are you rabble doing? Get back to your stations!"
Flint Ironheart says, "Are you curs deaf?"
Flint Ironheart says, "You'll pay for your insolence, all of you!"
Flint Ironheart says, "Revolt! REVOLT! GUARDS!"
Flint Ironheart says, "I'm getting out of here...."
White Hand Overseer says, "Revolt! Curse the Men of Dunland!"
White Hand Guard says, "You'll pay for this!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Mari
  • Tomas must not fall

Mari is in Galtrev.

You should speak with Mari.

Mari: 'Thank you for helping my husband, <name>! You did what many of us could not: stand up to the injustices of Isengard. You were a great boon to the people of Galtrev today.