Quest:The Hunt for Hardfang

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The Hunt for Hardfang
Level 67
Type Solo
Starts with Hopcun
Starts at Galtrev
Start Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.3S, 17.0W]
Ends with Hopcun
Ends at Galtrev
End Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.3S, 17.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If you happen to see Hardfang when you venture out, you must face him. The hunters of Galtrev have all tried and failed, and many who met him were borne home with mortal wounds.

'A hunter of Galtrev must attempt to defeat Hardfang, for every battle weakens him.'


The elusive Hardfang roams the Fanged Lair, striking terror into the hearts of all who dare face him.

Objective 1

The elusive Hardfang can often be found circling the Fanged Lair, north of Galtrev.

You should find and defeat Hardfang as part of the ritual wolf-hunt in Pren Gwydh.

Defeated Hardfang

Objective 2

Hopcun is in Galtrev.

You should tell Hopcun that you have faced and bested Hardfang during your hunt.

Hopcun: 'You have done better than I expected! You are truly a remarkable warrior and hunter... better than any I have seen in my lifetime here in Galtrev. I am glad that you were not forced to join the War, <name>.'