Quest:The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider

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The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider
Level 67
Type Solo
Starts with Goronu
Starts at The Howling Caverns
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [78.2S, 13.6W]
Ends with Luned
Ends at Galtrev
End Region Galtrev
Map Ref [80.0S, 16.4W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I believe this goblin-band has a chief somewhere within this camp. They are slovenly, but they are organized as well in their efforts. These Wargs are trained, vicious, and unfortunately intelligent.

'You should defeat whoever or whatever is behind these terrible beasts leaking out into our lands.'


At the source of the Wargs in Pren Gwydh are goblins training the vicious monsters as steeds, which are then carelessly released into the wild to roam as they wish.

Objective 1

The chief of the Warg-riders is somewhere within the Howling Caverns.

You should defeat Mange-rider, the chief of the Warg-riders.

Goronu: 'I would help you, <name>, but I am only a humble scout, you see. I am sure you will do much better than I.'

Objective 2

Goronu can be found outside of the Howling Caverns in Pren Gwydh.

You should inform Goronu that you have defeated the chief of the Warg-riders.

Goronu: 'I heard a terrible disturbance within, <name>, and feared the worst for you, but you have arrived triumphant! Have you truly defeated the terrifying leader of these creatures?
'I will return to Galtrev at once and tell Luned that we have delt with the threat of Wargs in Pren Gwydh!'

Objective 3

Luned is in Galtrev, waiting anxiously to hear of the vicious Wargs that roam the landscape of late.

You should tell Luned that you have brought down many Wargs and their riders and hopefully rooted out the source of the evil that entered these lands.

Luned: 'Ah, <name>! Goronu was just here. He spoke highly of your bravery in driving out the Wargs and heir riders at the Howling Caverns. You are a great hero, and the folk of Galtrev will sing of your deed here!'