Quest:A Many-coloured Cloak

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A Many-coloured Cloak
Level 67
Type Solo
Starts with Rook
Starts at Pren Gwydh
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [79.5S, 19.0W]
Quest Group Dunland: Pren Gwydh
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am well on my way to being as great as Saruman, <name>, but there is something more I would ask of you. As I observed my master of old, I saw that his robes appeared white, but shimmered with many subtle hues.

'I am quite certain that the subtle colours help to infuse the power that the lord of Isengard possesses. I need an iridescent cloak! With such a garment, I too shall be powerful beyond belief!

'I do not care how you find it, but I want a many-hued cloak.'


Rook, an aspiring wizard, wishes to mimic the robes of Saruman by doing away with his drear colours and acquiring a many-coloured cloak.

Objective 1

Iridescent crow-feathers can be found in plenty on Rook's trained crebain.

You should collect iridescent feathers from Rook's craban-flock.

Rook: 'Have you brought me a many-coloured cloak yet? My garb will not be complete without it.'

Objective 2

  • Craft an iridescent cloak

A weaver's loom can be found near Rook's Hut.

You should use the weaver's loom to weave the feathers into an iridescent cloak.

Crafted an iridescent cloak

Objective 3

Rook is at his hut in Pren Gwydh.

You should bring the iridescent, many-hued cloak you crafted to Rook, who wishes to be as great a Wizard as Saruman.

Rook: 'Ah! look how it glistens! No green... now violet. Incredible, <name>. It look like the plumage on my dear craban-friends.'
'Speaking of ... gracious me, the flock has shrunk. Where have all my trained craban gone? How odd.'