The Thirsty Seer (After-battle)

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This page is about the Thirsty Seer immediately after the Battle of Pelennor Fields. For the tavern before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, see The Thirsty Seer. For the tavern at Midsummer, see The Thirsty Seer (Midsummer)
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The Thirsty Seer
Type: Tavern
Region: Anórien (After Battle)
Area: Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Location: [66.2S, 19.7W]
The Thirsty Seer (After-battle).jpg


The Thirsty Seer, or Cenir Faug, in Minas Tirith is a landmark in Old Anórien. [66.2S, 19.7W]

This is one of the Taverns of Minas Tirith, run by the inhabitants of the Sages' Tier, the Fifth Circle of the White City. The Thirsty Seer is often frequented by students and masters of the nearby Houses of Lore and other such scholarly institutions of the White City.