The Festival Garden

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The Festival Garden
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Falathlorn
Location: [24.8S, 93.2W]
The Festival Garden.jpg

The Festival Garden is found in Falathlorn, in Ered Luin. [24.8S, 93.2W]

Entrance to the Festival Garden

South of Duillond lies the Festival Garden. It is chiefly an indoor area where party activities take during festivals, though the Spring Festival is when it really lives up and the renowned Stomp-a-Shrew event takes place. Just outside this location, to the east, are found many activities, quests and NPCs that pertain to this location.

The Festival Garden is often referred to as the "Garden of Duillond" and the similar.


NPC Function Season
ElfM.png Anglalaith Quest Yule
Dwarf.png Ale Association Tavern Keep The Ale Association Yule
HobbitM.png Bodo Burrows Quest Spring
ElfM.png Brangloth Quest Spring
ElfM.png Calendui Quest Spring
ElfM.png Dinedhrín Quest Spring
ElfF.png Dringil Fireworks Vendor Farmers Faire
ElfM.png Forlad Quest Spring
ElfF.png Gaeriel Pipeweed Vendor Farmers Faire
ElfM.png Gelirdúr Quest S FF H Y
ElfF.png Gloreniel Quest Harvest
HobbitM.png Inn League Tavern Keep Inn League Yule
ElfM.png Lalfor Quest Farmers Faire
ElfF.png Logethuil Quest Spring
ElfF.png Maengamiel Quest Spring
ElfF.png Malenfas Games-master Harvest
ElfF.png Merellos Quartermaster - Quest Spring
ElfF.png Merengel Quest Farmers Faire
ElfF.png Nedhrien Quest S FF H Y
ElfF.png Noreth Provisioner Sp FF H
ElfF.png Saervereth Quest Yule
ElfF.png Santmereth Quest Spring
ElfF.png Torelleth Festival Trader Harvest