The Black Book of Mordor

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Mordor sigil artist Ted Nasmith

The Black Book of Mordor: Where the Shadows Lie

Introduced in Update 21, The Black Book of Mordor: Where the Shadows Lie is the story line which narrates the way through the unexplored territory of Mordor, while the Epic Quest line continues to trace the activities of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  • The reason that we can enter Mordor and not interfere with Frodo and Sam’s mission is because the majority of the Mordor expansion is going to take place after they’ve already gotten to Mount Doom.
  • Something as evil as Sauron doesn’t just go away and everything is fine. Mordor is a tremendous pit of evil and players are going to have to deal with the things that remain.
  • The Fellowship is no longer the Focus, "The Black Book of Mordor" -- deals with what happens AFTER the Ring is gone.
  • Exploring the power vacuum left by Sauron:
Who/what are left after Sauron and the Nazgûl are gone?
A number of Dark Personages are now rising in power.
What is driving the Darkness? Players must determine who/what is filling that vacuum and prevent it from seeping out into the rest of Middle-earth.


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The Black Book of Mordor: Where the Shadows Lie

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Chapter 2.1 is class-dependent.

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