Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the Wild Men

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Instance: Heirloom of the Wild Men
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Khôr-buri-Ghân
Starts at Taur Drúadan
Start Region Far Anórien
Map Ref [48.6S, 26.2W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Beorning
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted figurine have led you to a remote cave..."


You have come with Khôr-buri-Ghân to the cave that was his brother Bhai-buri-Ghân's favourite place.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Khôr-buri-Ghân inside the cave.

Khôr-buri-Ghân is inside the cave that was his brother's favourite place

Khôr-buri-Ghân: 'This cave favourite place of Bhai-buri-Ghân? Do not know why. Too damp for Khôr-buri-Ghân.
'What special about cave?'
  • Follow Khôr-buri-Ghân down the tunnel
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "Maybe find out deeper in. Follow Khôr-buri-Ghân!"
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "So many statues! Never seen so many in one place!"
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "<name>..."
  • Talk to Khôr-buri-Ghân inside the cave.
Khôr-buri-Ghân: 'This more statues then in village or in forest. So many different sizes. Bhai-buri-Ghân come here often. This carving place? Brother Bhai-buri-Ghân carved sculpture here? Maybe help carve some of these, too?'
Khôr-buri-Ghân suddenly freezes, and points silently down towards the lower chamber.
'Gorgún,' he whispers.

Objective 2

  • Descend to the lower chamber of the cave and confront the Orcs

An Orc has found Bhai-buri-Ghân's cave.

Khôr-buri-Ghân motions for you to descend and confront the Orc, and he will follow
  • The Orc Turkalb has found Bhai-buri-Ghân's favourite cave
Turkalb says: "Who's there? Show yourself!"
Turkalb: 'What a relief! It's just a <race>! There are rumours about these statues. They say they come to life, when you are not looking at them, and have slain whole encampments!'
'The war hasn't gone as the bosses wanted, and I thought I'd slip away and find my own place to hide out until everything blows over. And this cave would be perfect if it wasn't for these horrible statues! I think I'll do what I can to smash them to pieces, and then this will be a perfect hideout for Turkalb.'

Objective 3

Turkalb says, "But first, you have to die!"
Turkalb says, "I am not dying here!"
Turkalb says, "No! Noooo! It was true! The rumours were true!"
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "This is not place for gorgûn!"
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "This is not place for gorgûn!"
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "He brother of Khôr-buri-Ghân, killed by gorgûn."
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "But he not gone. This his place."
Khôr-buri-Ghân says, "Khôr-buri-Ghân will come here and think of him, and he still be here."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Khôr-buri-Ghân inside the cave

The Memento of Bhai-buri-Ghân has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption!

Khôr-buri-Ghân: 'Statue carved by Bhai-buri-Ghân no longer have feel of gorgún. Khôr-buri-Ghân give memento of brother to you, <name>. Maybe will help on road you walk, when evil about. Khôr-buri-Ghân not need memento to remember Bhai-buri-Ghân. Will remember whenever come to favourite place.
'Always be friend to Wild Men. Always be foe to gorgún. Wind in the trees, water in the lake. Now you take memento far away, use for good. Remember Bhai-buri-Ghân, remember Khôr-buri-Ghân.'
Completed: Instance: Heirloom of the Wild Men
Collected the Memento of Bhai-buri-Ghân