Quest:Instance: Mouth of Gondor

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Instance: Mouth of Gondor
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Yadêphal
Starts at The Slag-hills
Start Region The Wastes
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialog

Mouth of Gondor
"Remain on your guard, my friend. You speak with my voice, and should be free of harm, but this embassy will not be without danger..."


Aragorn bestowed upon you the authority to speak on his behalf, and you have gone with Yadêphal to hear what his master, once the Mouth of Sauron, has to say to Gondor.

Objective 1

Yadêphal is in Barad-dûr, where Sauron reigned.

Yadêphal: 'Follow me, emissary of Gondor. You have a messenger's protection, for now, but if you stray too far it will go badly for you.'

Objective 2

Aragorn has given you the authority to treat with Dulgabêth on his behalf.

Yadêphal says, "Did you think this tower was gone?"
Yadêphal says, "Much of it fell when the Dark Lord was betrayed, but its bones still stand."
Yadêphal says, "Who but my master has the most right to Barad-dûr's secrets?"
Yadêphal says, "Behold Dulgabêth, the Black Word, Sauron's Heir and Lord of Mordor!"
Dulgabêth says, "We meet again, King of Gondor."
Dulgabêth says, "What is this? Who art thou?"

Objective 3

  • Tell Dulgabêth your name and your title

Dulgabeth is in Barad-dûr, and demands to know why you have come to treat with him instead of Aragorn.

Dulgabêth: 'I care not for thy name or thy titles. Thou are not the King of Gondor; [Hobbit: thou art one of the imps from the rat-land of the Shire!] [Dwarf: thou art half his size, and no taller than the smallest of the bone-piles upon which Barad-Dûr stands!] [Elf and High Elf: thou art one of the Eldar, and not the first consigned to Barad-dûr. Thy light will not avail thee. Many are the bones of thy kin collected beneath the tower, and none remember them.] [Beorning: thou art a skin-changer. There is much my Lord Sauron might have learned from thee, came thou to this tower in earlier days. Be thankful thou didst not!] But I sought the king, not thee. Has Yadêphal failed in this simple duty? Or has the king proven craven?'
Dulgabêth sneers.
'So thou art the Mouth of Gondor. The king fears to approach me, and sends his servant instead. Thou claimest to speak with his voice? Pah! I hear the cowardice in it!'

Objective 4

  • Listen to Dulgabêth's offer in Barad-dûr

Aragorn has given you the authority to hear what Dulgabêth has to say.

Dulgabêth says, "Listen then, Mouth of Gondor, to my offer of peace."
Dulgabêth says, "Lord Sauron ruled through domination, and sought conquest of all."
Dulgabêth says, "The designs of Sauron's Heir are not so wide."
Dulgabêth says, "I desire only Mordor."
Dulgabêth says, "I will rule Mordor as sovereign."
Dulgabêth says, "The King of Gondor will recognise my rule of this land."
Dulgabêth says, "In all things save the ordering of Mordor, I will be subservient to the wishes of thy king."
Dulgabêth says, "This offer has a price, a small cost for what thy king will gain."
Dulgabêth says, "There are one or two small matters that must be resolved."
Dulgabêth says, "The King of Gondor must help me put down these challenges to my rule."
Dulgabêth says, "Others of the Gúrzyul are active in Mordor, and must be slain."
Dulgabêth says, "They cannot retain the artefacts and sorceries they stole from the Dark Lord."
Dulgabêth says, "There is another matter."
Dulgabêth says, "The one who calls himself the Captain of the Pit, Ugrukhôr, has dispatched forces to Cirith Ungol."
Dulgabêth says, "This tower is near to Gondor, and Ugrukhôr poses a threat to thy kingdom."
Dulgabêth says, "I want Gondor to destroy this detachment, and Ugrukhôr who commands it."
Dulgabêth says, "If Gondor aids me in these matters, I will gladly rule Mordor in thy king's name."
Dulgabêth says, "Let there be peace between thy kingdom and mine."
You know that Aragorn will never accept this offer.

Objective 5

  • Tell Dulgabêth you will bring his offer before the king

Aragorn will never accept this offer, but you should tell Dulgabêth of your intention to bring it before the king.

Dulgabêth: 'I have given thee my offer, Mouth of Gondor. Now it is thy duty to present it to thy king.
'May he accept it with haste. He would be a fool to do otherwise.'
Instance: Mouth of Gondor
Yadêphal: 'You will return with me to the Black Gate, and you will relay my master's offer to the King of Gondor. I will then return with his acceptance.
'This could have been resolved more easily were your king not so craven!'