Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the High King

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Instance: Heirloom of the High King
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Techeron
Starts at Annúminas
Start Region Evendim
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Warden
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Heirloom of the High King
"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted badge have led you to the Bridge of Ariant, high above Lake Evendim, in the City of Kings..."


You have come with Techeron to the Bridge of Ariant with the hope that the corrupted badge might be cleansed of its evil.

Objective 1

The Ranger Techeron is at the Bridge of Ariant, in Annúminas.

Techeron: 'Let us cross the bridge, and remain vigilant! The forces of Angmar crept back into the city while we were in the South-lands, and they may seek to surprise us.'
  • Fight alongside Techeron and restore the Bridge of Ariant
Techeron says, "The oath I swore bound me to go to Aragorn when he had need."
Techeron says, "I do not regret the journey of the Grey Company!"
Techeron says, "But we did not leave enough defenders behind."
Techeron says, "Why have they not secured the bridge?"
Techeron says, "Steady, <name>. A villain reveals himself."
Olcránnag says, "Have you come to swear allegiance to Angmar?"
Olcránnag says, "I sense that you bear a powerful artifact of evil!"
Techeron says, "Prepare for disappointment, vile one."
Techeron says, "We are here to cleanse this badge of its corruption."
Techeron says, "But it will be our pleasure to rid this city of you!"
Olcránnag says, "My servants! Slay the trespassers!"
Olcránnag says, "Incompetents!"
Olcránnag says, "There are only two of them!"
Techeron says, "Each of us is worth ten of your thralls, Olcránnag!"
Techeron says, "That was true of he who wore this badge, as well!"
Olcránnag says, "Elendil's wardens are all dead."
Olcránnag says, "Now you will go to join them!"
Techeron says, "Careful, he attacks!"
Techeron says, "No, he seeks to escape!"
Carastír says, "You're not going anywhere."
Olcránnag says, "Then die, die, die!"
The Badge of Ariant has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption!
Techeron says, "I am glad to see you three!"
Gwíniel says, "I had a feeling we might be needed."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Techeron

The Ranger Techeron is near the Bridge of Ariant.

Techeron: 'The badge has been cleansed of its corruption? We have made proud whatever forgotten warden wore this badge in defence of his king, <name>!
Techeron: 'I have thought of something as well. The guards of the city in days of old wore these badges to signify their posts, but I am grateful that we have not maintained that tradition. If the Steadfast Sisters were consigned to their own posts, they would not have come here to Ariant when they did, and Olcránnag might have escaped to work further evil. Truthfully, there is no man save Elessar alone who might be able to command the Sisters and have them heed it, but still I am glad that wardens and Rangers go where they are needed, not where they are assigned to be.
Techeron: 'Where next will you go? To Rivendell, to speak with Elrond? Give him my regards, for I must stay here and hold the line against Angmar.'
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of the High King
Collected the Badge of Ariant
Techeron: 'Safe journey to Rivendell, my friend.'