Quest:Instance: Heirloom of the Riddermark

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Instance: Heirloom of the Riddermark
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts with Tharbag
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [67.8S, 61.4W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 2
Class Captain
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Heirloom of the Riddermark
"Your efforts to cleanse the evils from the corrupted heirloom have run afoul of an Orc raiding party..."


Eldmath has run into some trouble while out in the field, and now he has been captured by Orcs. Even worse, he was holding onto the corrupted tusk-shard when he was taken!

Objective 1

Tharbag's Orcs have captured Eldmath, and you really should free him... he was holding onto the corrupted tusk-shard when he was taken!

Tharbag: 'The Boar-tribe has lurked in the shadows for too long! With you two as captives, we will at last be seen as the power we deserve!'

Objective 2

  • Remain alert and look for an opportunity to free Eldmath

The Orcs that captured Eldmath belong to the Boar-tribe and are led by Tharbag.

Tharbag says, "Skámash, watch this one closely. I do not want to tangle with a Captain."
Skámash says, "You scared, Tharbag?"
Tharbag says, "Don't take that tone with me, Skámash! Remember I am your leader!"
Orc Warrior says, "Tharbag, this prisoner has got something!"
Tharbag says, "What is it?"
Tharbag says, "This!"
Tharbag says, "You lot, we're going back to Gris-shâtroful!"
Tharbag says, "We don't need that other one. Skámash, take care of it."
Eldmath says, "Don't worry, <name>! I'll find a way to rescue you... somehow!"
Skámash says, "What? Why..."
Tharbag has foolishly left a single Orc to deal with you

Objective 3

Skámash has been left in charge of dealing with you. This will likely prove to be a mistake!

Skámash: 'Curse that Tharbag, leaving me to deal with you! He is afraid to fight you, I can tell! Pah!'
A cunning light creeps into Skámash's eyes.
'But if I slay you, that will prove I am stronger than Tharbag, and that lot will see I am fit to be the boss, and he is not! Ah, Tharbag, you fool! You have given me just what I need to take your place as leader of the Boar-tribe!'

Objective 4

  • Defeat Skámash

Skámash has been left in charge of dealing with you. This will likely prove to be a mistake!

Eldmath was taken eastward to Gris-shâtroful

Objective 5

Gris-shâtroful is to the east, and you might be able to drop down from above and surprise the Orcs that captured Eldmath.

  • Survive the encounter with Tharbag

You have found Eldmath, but the Orcs were alerted to your presence.

Eldmath says, "<name>!"
Tharbag says, "So you killed Skámash, eh?"
Tharbag says, "You did me a favour! That worm has wanted me dead for weeks!"
Tharbag says, "But none will challenge my leadership of the Boar-tribe now... not with this!"
Tharbag says, "This is an heirloom of the Boar-tribe! This is the tusk that slew hated Folca!"
Tharbag says, "Once it belonged to the Boar-tribe, and was carved with words of power."
Tharbag says, "It was stolen from us by treacherous swine, but now we have it once again!"
Tharbag says, "With this tusk-shard I am invincible! Kill the Captain, my boys!"

<kill 2 orcs>

Tharbag says, "I will kill you myself! I have nothing to fear from you!"
Tharbag says, "As the Great Boar slew Folca, so will I slay you!"
The Vengeance of Folca has been cleansed of Mordor's corruption!

Objective 5

  • Talk to Eldmath

Eldmath is in Gris-shâtroful, waiting to speak with you.

Eldmath: 'Well-done, <name>! I would say both of us have proven to be heroes this day, wouldn't you? To think that this shard came from the tusk which gave King Folca his mortal wound... and in its own way it proved the undoing of the Boar-tribe Orcs who worshipped it! I think Folca would be very pleased about that, <name>.'
'It is an heirloom of Rohan, but you are welcome to keep it. I have had enough adventuring, for now, and will return to Aldburg. Perhaps I will add this verse to the songs I sing about King Folca and his campaign against the Orcs. Yes, I will do just that!'
Completed:Instance: Heirloom of the Riddermark
Collected Vengeance of Folca