Quest:Instance: The Council of Kings

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Instance: The Council of Kings
Level 122
Type Solo
Starts with Tárandil
Starts at Adambel
Start Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [98.9S, 126.3W]
Ends with High King Elendil
Ends at Parth Daenath
End Region Mordor Besieged
Map Ref [99.1S, 125.8W]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 12
Reflecting Pool Mordor Besieged Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Council of Kings
"I have shown our trophies to the guard, and he at least will allow us inside."


With the triumphant Rhúnhoth horde of the Ghâzab Bôron on its way, the lords of the Great Alliance have called a council to determine what can be done to stave off defeat.

Objective 1

Tárandil is outside the pavilion where the council of the kings will take place

Tárandil: 'Let us enter the tent, but do not walk with fear or nervousness! Stride, rather, as if we were invited and indeed the council cannot begin until we are in attendance.'
'That is always the advice of Vëamacil, and to speak the truth I have yet to see it fail him.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Tárandil to the council
Tárandil says, "Keep your head high, friend. They will have no choice but to keep us in attendance."
Tárandil says, "Did we miss anything?"
Vëamacil says, "No, they are waiting for the others to arrive."

Objective 3

  • Wait for the council of the kings to begin

The council of the kings will soon begin, and the sons of Isildur are hopeful that their presence and yours will go unremarked.

Vëamacil says, "They do not look happy."
Vëamacil says, "That Elf leads the Bright Company, I think. I do not know the other."
Vëamacil says, "Gil-galad I know. Who are the other two, again?"
Tárandil says, "Círdan. And the other is Elrond."
Elendil says, "Leaders of the Great Alliance..."
Gil-galad says, "Hold, Elendil."

Objective 4

High King Gil-galad has reservations about your attendance and that of Isildur's sons.

Gil-galad: 'This pavilion seems more crowded already then it need be for such a council. Is it not better to limit those in attendance? I mean no disrespect to the sons of Isildur or their sire, but what is to be gained by their presence here, or that of a <class>[1]? Can they, and you, not be told the decisions of this council once they are made?'

Objective 5

  • Observe the council of the kings

High King Gil-galad has called into question your presence, and that of the sons of Isildur, at the council of kings.

Gil-galad says, "I mean no disrespect."
Lendelen says, "My king, it is true that this tent is crowded."
Lendelen says, "But we meet to discuss what might be done to change our fortunes in this war."
Lendelen says, "Any of us might provide the spark to inspire our future course."
Gil-galad says, "Glorfindel has always spoken highly of your wisdom, Lendelen."
Gil-galad says, "I relent in this. They will stay."
Durin says, "Leave or stay, it makes no difference to me!"
Durin says, "I have seen the size of that horde, and I cannot see how we might defeat it!"
Huneric says, "Durin is right."
Huneric says, "The arrival of the Storm of Wrath will be the end of us."
Elendil says, "If we are to win this war, we must defeat Sauron."
Elendil says, "And we must do it before the horde arrives."
Elendil says, "Our time grows short. We must break the Dark Tower."
Elendil says, "Send to Galadriel for the third ring."
Elendil says, "Perhaps, with all three..."
Gil-galad says, "No. Only barely did I survive the two."
Gil-galad says, "With three, even the mightiest of my people, long gone from this world, could only succumb."
Gil-galad says, "The fires of Sauron's thoughts burn hotter than dragons' flame, and he would overmaster me."
Gil-galad says, "I would become his servant, and slaughter you all."
Gil-galad says, "We cannot use the rings."
Huneric says, "Lure him out, then."
Huneric says, "Even the wariest hound will bite, if the meat smells ripe enough."
Anárion says, "I will go. I have weathered much because of Sauron's deeds."
Anárion says, "I will bring him challenge, and see if he comes forth."
Durin says, "Why would he? He is a coward."
Durin says, "He will wait behind his walls until the horde soaks the dust with our blood."
Durin says, "And then he will revel in our end."

Objective 6

Vëamacil is in the tent where the council of kings is underway.

Vëamacil: 'Durin is right. Sauron will hide in his tower until the Rhúnhoth horde arrives and destroys us! Why would he dare come out when his victory is all but assured? He has only to wait for it!'
'We have to think of something!'

Objective 7

  • Observe the council of the kings

The council of kings is underway.

Lendelen says, "If we cannot lure him out, perhaps we can do him harm from within."
Glorfindel says, "You will need to explain yourself, my friend."
Lendelen says, "This horde that draws near, this Storm of Wrath..."
Lendelen says, "No Easterling lord has the strength or the will to hold such a throng together."
Lendelen says, "Not even the greatest kings of old could do so."
Lendelen says, "But Sauron can... because he holds an Oath-stone."
Glorfindel says, "My friend..."
Lendelen says, "Stay thy rebuke."
Lendelen says, "I have broken the hold of a Vandassar before."
Lendelen says, "I can do it again."
Isildur says, "This is folly. You must see it."
Isildur says, "He would keep the stone close by, in the highest chambers of Barad-dûr."
Isildur says, "How would you reach it? How would you even enter the tower?"
Tûka says, "There is a way."
Elendil says, "How long have you been listening to our council?"
Tûka says, "This war of yours has gone on for too long. My people grow bored."
Gil-galad says, "Bored? In time of war?"
Tûka says, "Perhaps it is different for your kind. But my kind takes to wandering."
Tûka says, "In my wanderings I found a hollow place in the rocks."
Tûka says, "A tunnel was there concealed. It bent southward to the tower."
Tûka says, "Walls once blocked the passage, but they have fallen into disrepair."
Tûka says, "I can show you the entrance."
Tûka says, "I will go no further, but I can take you there."
Lendelen says, "If this tunnel leads where you say, it may enable me to reach the Oath-stone."
Glorfindel says, "You cannot do it alone."
Glorfindel says, "Your blade might sing, but a throng of Orcs would feed the crows with you."
Glorfindel says, "Even if somehow you survived, you could not reach the Vandassar without help."
Lendelen says, "I know, old friend, but I cannot ask this of you."
Glorfindel says, "You need not ask."
Anárion says, "The Orcs will need a reason to come out."
Anárion says, "A good reason."

Objective 8

  • Talk to Vëamacil

Lendelen of the Bright Company has proposed a dangerous plan by which Sauron's hold over the Ghâzab Bôron might be broken.

Vëamacil: 'This is our opportunity! Now is our chance for glory!'

Objective 9

  • Observe the council of the kings

The council of the kings continues, but not all in attendance are satisfied with its pronouncements.

Vëamacil says, "I will fight alongside the Bright Company!"
Meldaran says, "As will I!"
Ornaher says, "I too will go!"
Vëamacil says, "Tárandil?"
Isildur says, "No, my sons. This mission is not for you."
Isildur says, "Leave the High Elves to their work."
Gil-galad says, "The Bright Company will see it done."
Lendelen says, "And yet... I would ask for one other."
Lendelen says, "This one, the guest of Isildur's foster-son."
Glorfindel says, "Truly? If you wish it to be so, Lendelen."
Vëamacil says, "What? How can this be?"
Meldaran says, "We cannot stay behind!"
Ornaher says, "We are not afraid!"
Gil-galad says, "Is this plan to the satisfaction of Men, Elendil?"
Elendil says, "It is."
Elendil says, "And if my grandsons have any sense, they will still their tongues."

Objective 10

High King Elendil is inside the pavilion for the council of kings.

Elendil: 'You will fight alongside the Bright Company for this undertaking, <class>, if that is the wish of Glorfindel and his counsellor Lendelen. It will be dangerous, but what matters of war are not? If they are Men, my grandsons will forgive you for being so-selected, and resent it not.'
'If the Bright Company fails in this, the Storm of Wrath will come for us all, and they will then have ample opportunity to die in glorious battle. If that is a comfort to them, let it comfort them. I will coddle them not.'
  1. Beornings: wild-man/woman