Superior Farmland

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Vegetable Farmland-icon.png
Superior Farmland
  • Allows execution of recipes requiring Superior Farmland.


This effect is applied to a Farmer while in the vicinity of a Farmland.

Crafting Facility

A typical Farmland
  • All crops can be grown in Farmlands.
  • As of Update 11, LOTRO adjusted all crafting facilities to be used as regular and superior across the world, and all non-unique facilities had the word 'Superior' removed from their names. Historically, Superior Farmlands were required for Farmers who were using recipes from Artisan level and above. They also served lower level recipes.


The Farmlands have an Expert Farmhand on site to assist with recipes and supplies, and nearby workbenches for processing the harvests.
Location / Area Region Coords
Falathlorn Ered Luin [27.6S, 93.1W]
The Greenhouse Ered Luin [13.8S, 103.0W]
Hobbiton-Bywater The Shire [30.5S, 70.6W]
South Fields The Shire [34.5S, 74.7W]
Staddle Bree-land [31.1S, 48.6W]
Bree West Gate Bree-land [29.3S, 52.2W]
Ost Guruth The Lone-lands [31.3S, 30.0W]
Oatbarton Evendim [23.3S, 67.4W]
Higher level regions
Galtrev Dunland [79.6S, 16.2W]
The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien [19.0S, 63.9W]
Ost Galadh Mirkwood [14.5S, 51.1W]
Langhold / The Wold East Rohan [36.5S, 51.5W]
Eaworth / Entwash Vale East Rohan [47.2S, 63.9W]
Snowbourn / Sutcrofts East Rohan [61.4S, 62.4W]
Eastfold West Rohan [65.0S, 62.2W]
Tadrent West Gondor [74.4S, 62.3W]
Glaniath Eastern Gondor [80.8S, 29.5W]
Arnach Eastern Gondor [76.2S, 23.3W]