Update 11.0, Official - May 13, 2013

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Update 11.0, Official - May 13, 2013

Of Special Note

New Launcher

  • The LOTRO Launcher no longer requires .net 1.1. You will notice several changes, especially during patching/updating. The new launcher also respects your default browser setting. It will no longer default to IE when opening links.

New Region: Wildermore

  • Wildermore, north of East Rohan, offers new quests, new warbands, and a whole new series of Endgame activities and rewards. A vector from East Rohan will lead players into the snow covered fields and hills. Learn more about Wilermore by watching our Video Dev Diary.

The Epic Story Continues

  • Book 10: Snows of Wildermore continues the Epic story into Wildermore, discovering the source of the sudden change in weather and the new dangers in Wildermore. Along the way players catch up on what the Rangers have been doing since they were last encountered. Read the Developer Notes for more information.

Mounted Combat Update

  • Mounted Combat receives a significant update, with the yellow trait tree being integrated into the base War-steed for optimal maneuverability. In place of the previous movement trait tree, each class will get their own specific yellow tree, with boost and skills tailored to each role. For more details, click here to read the developer diary.

Lalia’s Market Now Open in Bree-town!

  • Lalia, daughter of Bob who works at the Prancing Pony, gained a certain level of notoriety amongst adventurers after an incident she had in the Barrow-downs. However, her wandering days are now behind her, and she’s opened her very own shop in her adopted city. As those who’ve met Lalia before know, she’s always had an appreciation of the value of a good piece of clothing. Learn more about Lalia’s market .

Hobbit Gifts

  • Once a day, every day, players will get a new alert letting you know that you have received a special Silver Hobbit Present. Once a week, VIP players will receive an additional alert letting you know you have received a special Gold Hobbit Present. Clicking below the Silver Present or the Gold Present will display the reward you've gotten and other rewards you could have won. Gold Hobbit Presents offer a greater chance of getting the top level gifts. After free rolls are used, all players can use Mithril Coins to roll for either more Silver Hobbit Presents or Gold Hobbit Presents. Read the FAQ for more information.

Alert space changes

  • The new Alerts Panel is intended to allow you to see all of your alerts at one time. This includes most of your alerts: accomplishments, reputation, mail, etc. Hobbit Gifts, dynamic layer status, pending loot and connection status icons will all be separate from this panel. Connection status is now its own element that can moved around separately from all alerts.

Housing Upkeep and Foreclosure changes

  • Housing Upkeep now allows for paying further in advance and adds the option to pay with Mithril Coins. Houses without upkeep paid for the past six months will go into Foreclosure and all items inside will be put into Escrow.
  • Note: A two month grace period will be allowed for homes which are already more than 6 months overdue when Update 11 goes Live. More details in the developer notes.

Additional Mithril Services

  • Reputation acceleration, Deed acceleration, Armour and Weapon repair services, task resets, and task limit increases can now be purchased with Mithril.

Trait Configurations reset

  • Mounted Combat Trait Trees have been updated, so all your Trait Configurations have been reset and points refunded.

Legendary item points refunded

  • In Update10, a lot of scaled items and some Legendary Items got a DPS bump. We are pushing this out to items that players acquired before Update 10 went live. In the process we had to refund all your Legendary Item points

Enhanced Experience

  • Rest experience is getting an overhaul! Basics: Rest Experience is becoming Enhanced Experience.
  • There will be two kinds of Enhanced XP: VIP Bonus XP and Store item Bonus XP.
  • VIP Bonus will appear blue on your experience bar. Store Bonus will appear as light blue. Bonus experience will apply to all basic forms of experience (adventure XP, legendary, steed, etc.). If both the VIP bonus and the Store bonus are present, the VIP bonus will be used first. Store Experience boosters, like the Tome of Extraordinary Experience, can be used along with these bonuses.

It’s the Little Things

New Bug reporting tool

  • We’ve updated our bug reporting tool. You can find out more by reading this post.

Additional “Opt out” emotes

  • Practical Joke -Players will now be immune to Practical Joke when Involuntary Emotes are disabled.
  • Toasting Mug -Fixed a bug that allowed this emote to bypass the 'Disable Involuntary Emotes' option.

Release notes


  • Some persistent area effects (hotspots) with white visualization borders that only benefitted your enemies should now correctly be drawn red.
  • Item experience will now be properly displayed as a reward and granted to characters of the appropriate level for level-scaling quests.
  • Fate will now contribute to OCPR in place of Will
  • Fixed a bug that was causing item procs that grant bonus damage on harmful skill plays to break Crowd Control effects. These procs should now only trigger when a Harmful skill that does damage is applied.
  • You should no longer get a “A failure has occurred in submitting your support request” error message on login. It has been replaced with a more meaningful error message, which will hopefully help us figure out what's going on.
  • Set bonuses that reduce Defeat Event Cooldowns no longer stack. This will prevent unintentional stacking that could reduce cooldowns to 0s.
  • The Captain's Cloak of the Fornost Captain and Wyrmfire Mender's Ring have new proc effects on them. These proc effects are set up to trigger off the Captain's healing skills (and ONLY the Captain's).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause packaged items to sometimes fail to automatically stack with other identical items.
  • /bug will now toggle the Help screen - bringing it up if it is closed and closing it if it is open. From the Help screen there is a button which players can use to open a bug.



  • Fixed a bug where the Burglar trait Conservative Combatant was not apply to Strategic Strike


  • Champion's Armour of the Unyielding Rage 4-set bonus should now proc on strike skills, not just Wild Attack.
  • The Champions Greater/Lesser Erebor Beserker's Armour 2set bonus was applying Wild Attacks Bleed on critical hit but not devastating criticals. This has been fixed.
  • Swift Strike was not properly proccing the Greater Erebor Beserker's Armour set bonus for champions even though it has strike in its name.


  • Slightly increased the power cost of the Hunter mounted skill "Spread of Arrows" to account for a second attack being added


  • The lore-master mounted skill 'Bond of the Rider' will now heal nearby allies without requiring that they be part of their fellowship
  • Loremaster cosmetic pet skills will now correctly grey out when the loremaster has a cosmetic pet summoned
  • The Lore-master Mounted Combat pet! On critical hit, the pet will apply a bleed, and will have a chance to slow when attacking enemies from behind. Each of its attacks also have a chance to proc the 'Flanked!' effect, which will now cause Enduring Embers to do additional damage, and Metal and Mettle to provide a power heal.


  • Rune-keeper Greater Erebor Cleanser armour set bonus applies the Writ of Fire DOT of the same size as the player would.


  • Wardens should now be able to exchange their Might rings for Agility rings at the Rohan Quartermasters
  • PvMP - Wardens may now barter for the Band of the Nimble Sentry and Ring of Precision. In addition, Wardens may also exchange their Rings of Resolute Defender and Bands of Fury for the appropriate Agility piece.
  • The following Warden class quest rewards have been adjusted to use Agility as their primary DPS stat.
  • Warder's Wristband
  • Warden's Piercer
  • Battle Medallion
  • Gold Star Earring
  • Fight Against the Darkness

Mounted Combat

  • Reducing damage done by Cry Wrath, Cry Havoc and Rally the Riders by 10-15%. Sorry to do it, but Captain damage output was far too high. Even with the reduction they are still capable of massive DPS while mounted.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Light Steed trait Motivation Through Aggression from applying its effects to Enduring Embers and Sign of Power: Inspiration
  • Expanded the Heavy Steed Trait, Benevolence, to effect Enduring Embers and Sign of Power: Inspiration
  • fixed a bug that was preventing the Agility buff from displaying on the Burglar discipline skill Riddermark
  • Fixed a bug where the Riddermark Healing Bonus on Crits was not applying to Keen Strike and Jollification while in Trick: Strategem
  • Applied power saving traits and buffs to Quick Stop and Spur On
  • Altering All in the Wrist in Red Dawn so that it is a melee attack that deals a large amount of initial damage.
  • Increased the power return of the Lore-master skill 'Bond of the Rider' while in Riddermark
  • Lowered the chance for Disengaging Strikes to 25% to better align with other capstone traits
  • The Champion's 'Boundless Fervour' mounted relic should now appropriately provide a 25% chance to maintain Fervour when using Recuperate, Destabilizing Strike, and Horn Blast
  • Fixed the Mounted Combat 'Insignia of Boundless Fervour' so that it appropriately removes/does not remove fervour from the fervour meter, as well as from applied buffs
  • Increased the damage of Mounted Strike, Swift Cut and Horn Blast for Mounted Combat Champions.
  • Lowering the cooldown of the Coax skill for Mounted Combat
  • Increased the damage done by Noble Arrow, Seeking Arrow and Kill Shot
  • Increasing damage of Bond and Metal and Mettle and lowering power cost of Enduring Embers for Mounted Combat Lore-masters
  • Making several changes to base mount stats to help differentiate Light, Medium, Heavy (no nerfs)
  • Increasing damage of Debate in all disciplines for mounted combat Lore-masters
  • Hunter: Increased the damage of Kill Shot and added a second attack to “Spread of Arrows”


  • Amongst their standard rewards, Warband Reward boxes should now also provide players with a chance to obtain new warsteed cosmetics and Warband Barter Tokens, which will be used to purchase the legendary pocket upgrades. Whereas the cosmetics will be a very rare drop from each reward box, the barter tokens will drop at a rate relative to the difficulty of the warband.

Legendary Items

  • Legendary Bridles will now have a different icon in the Tracker Panel
  • Applying a Star-Lit Crystal to a Legendary Item will once again correctly reset your legacies.
  • Some Legendary Item legacies were missing their description in their tooltip between the tier and the name. Those legacies also failed to show any text in the “Are you sure you want to permanently replace” question asked when using the legacy replacement scrolls. This has been fixed.

Raids, Instances, & Skirmishes

  • The Seal drop rate in Flight to the Lonely Mountain has been increased slightly
  • Hytbold:The faction NPCs now show up from the start and indicate you need to get more rep with them before they'll aid you.
  • Performance issues in the Tower of Orthanc Raid related to Bukot and visualizations of his area effects have been mitigated.
  • It is no longer possible to join an instanced public questing area if you do not meet the entrance prerequisites (e.g. having exceeded the per-hour instance limit).
  • Non-level cap barter vendors should now allow the exchange of barter tokens at a reduced cost. Players can now trade 15 silver tokens, rather than 25, for 1 gold token.
  • For The Bells of Dale 6-man: Challenge quest should now rebestow upon reset of the final boss fight, Brotherhood of the Elements sorcerers should now consistently attack, challenge quest should now reward proper currency, and the Jangovar archers should no longer look like they're healing the players instead of wounding them.
  • In Their Absence Scaling - Ost Dunhoth: The landscape entrance will now open only the Wound/Fear wing. Other wings must be acessed through the Instance Join UI.
  • The Road to Erebor - The 'meta-deed' accomplishment for the Erebor instance cluster will now award a title in addition to the other rewards: Defender of Erebor

Battle for Erebor

  • Levers are no longer selectable

Great Barrow - Maze

  • Challenge rebestows after reset

Wraith of Earth

  • Tiers spawn the correct chests

Pits of Isengard

  • Lever at the beginning should be created every time the instance is

Battle in the Tower

  • Fixed a location in the final fight where retreating mobs could get stuck

The Maze

  • Challenge rebestows on reset
  • Flight to the Lonely Mountain:
  • Mobs hitting the entrance gate resets the fight

Sammath Gul

  • Challenge chest looks shinier

The Ettenmoors

  • Quests and Deeds that require the defeat of Players or Monster Players will now advance for all contributors, not just the player who dealt the final blow.
  • Rune-keepers should now properly receive Battlefield promotions in the Ettenmoors.
  • Six new Critical Rating Corruptions have been added to all Monsterplay classes.
  • All brands and Insignia that gave 60 seconds of immunity to various Crowd Control effects have had their effect durations reduced to 20 seconds.
  • Using any Brand or Insignia results in a 60 second lock out from using another.


  • Wargs should now have access to Critical Rating Corruptions.
  • The amount of Critical Rating granted from the Critical Rating corruptions has been increased.


  • The Great River Helmet of Might and the Enduring Great River Helmet of Might have had their names changed to the Great River Helmet of Strength and the Enduring Great River Helmet of Strength.
  • Stats in the character panel should now display correct contributions in their tooltips
  • The Erebor Bowmaster and Erebor Huntsman sets should now appropriately display their 4-piece bonuses.
  • The 'Riddle-keeper's Earrring' from has had its stats adjusted slightly. It will now provide more Fate and less Tactical Mastery.
  • “Gaunt-lord's Pitted Stud” that drops from the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth has been renamed to “Red-huorn's Putrid Stud”.
  • “Gaunt-lord's Pitted Stud” that drops from the posion wing in Ost Dunhoth has been renamed to “Earring of Blight”
  • The following items have had their incomparable versions renamed
  • Battle-historian's Loop -& Battle-annalist's Loop
  • Necklace of the Gathering Dark -& Necklace of the Gathering Night
  • Trampled Silver Ring -& Stifled Silver Ring.
  • Created two new healing-focused ring upgrades for the Eastemnet Shields, Weapons, Jewellery Quartermaster
  • "Mooncandle Mender's Ring of Rohan"'s healing proc effect now properly triggers from the Runekeeper's "Rune-sign of X" skills
  • Lowered the Finesse progressions on Opportunistic Brigand's/Ruffian's Gloves and added Critical Rating
  • Adjusted Critical Defence procs to provide additional crit defence as well as added incoming healing rating
  • The incoming healing buff from Water-lore should now show on affected targets
  • The Tapped Rohan Keg will now apply an intoxication effect on players when used
  • Rune-etched Stone-Fixed a bug that was granting this item more stats than it should have had. Vitality has been removed from the item.
  • Cloak of the Learned now gives some Vitality, but less Fate, to differentiate it from the Cloak of Chill Winds
  • Erebor Armour of the Trapper - Using Rain of Thorns with the 2 set bonus active will no longer consume any Focus.
  • The pocket item rewards from A Loss Unlooked-for no longer require level 75 to equip them. The On Use effects will no longer scale based on player level.
  • The Eastemnet quartermasters now offer the ability to exchange some Rohan rings at the final and third step for others.
  • The Regal Topaz Stud now has Fate and Critical Rating in place of Tactical Mastery.
  • The 2-set bonus for the lesser and greater Armour of the Erebor Leader will no longer show the set bonus twice.
  • The item "Book of Love" now clearly states who wrote it.
  • The Recovered and Unearthed Iron Shield now give Might in place of Will, as they drop and are intended for Captains.
  • Hytbold Armour of the Animal-friend now increases the duration of the Incoming Healing effect in addition to the duration of the Heal over Time.
  • Many Warden Shields and pieces of Medium Armour obtained in Dunland and beyond have been adjusted to use Agility as the primary stat.
  • Universal Toolkits and Scrolls of Universal Lore obtained from Bound Lootboxes should now be bound to account, rather than to character.
  • Riddermark-bound lootboxes now contain Tarnished Symbols of Celebrimbor and the Elder King.
  • The Hytbold sets should now be the same color across a set when obtained. Players may continue to dye these appearances as they see fit.


  • The following recipes were requiring a Balanced Steel Hilt instead of an Iron Hilt:
  • Heavy Iron Sword Recipe,
  • Heavy Iron Dagger Recipe,
  • Heavy Iron Axe Recipe,
  • Heavy Iron Great Sword Recipe,
  • Heavy Iron Headsman's Axe Recipe,
  • Heavy Iron Halberd Recipe
  • Heavy Iron Mace Recipe.
  • These have been fixed and now require an Iron Hilt.
  • Adjusted ALL crafting facilities to be used as regular and superior across the world. All non-unique facilities have had the word 'Superior' removed from their names.

User Interface

  • When you are on a quest which is advanced by emoting, the quest tracker will now contain a quick-slot to trigger the emote. You can click on the emote quick-slot icon in the quest tracker instead of typing the emote at the command line. Note: Some quests are set to disable this technology (because discovering or selecting the emote is the purpose of the quest).
  • The Disable New Item Highlight feature now correctly disables highlighting when you acquire items that are merged into an existing stack.
  • All effects will display the exact time remaining down to the second, no matter how long their duration.
  • Certain crafting vendors in Bree have been finally convinced by the local merchants association to observe the reputation discount given to Friends to the Men of Bree.
  • Skill and Slayer Deed Boosts will now display and filter correctly.
  • Some skills should now correctly show the cool-down overlay while they are on cool-down (for example Burglar Mounted Combat Skill Jollification, when used with Stratagem)
  • When changing between saved Mounted Combat Trait configurations, we now automatically show the appropriate trait tree


  • The Epilogues for Gorothul and Braiglinn will now give Medallions as rewards, instead of Medallions of Dol Guldur.
  • Breeland Quest: Spiders in the Midgewater - this quest is now more solo-friendly for low-level players.
  • Shortened the duration of the black screen at the end of Galadriel's Dream.
  • Made adjustments to the skills used during certain Interlude quests.


  • The Horsefields Derby - The completion of the derby is now a little smoother. If you are running low on your timer but made it to the top of the hill you will more likely complete it now.
  • This year’s spring festival has new rewards!
  • Barter for Spring Leaves (festival currency):
  • Cloak (hooded and hoodless versions)
  • Dress
  • Robe
  • New festival mount
  • War-steed Cosmetic Leggings (Matches the festival mount)
  • War-steed Cosmetic Caparison (Matches the festival mount)
  • Barter for Flowers (flowers are obtained through the Gathering Flowers repeatable quest)
  • War-steed Cosmetic Halter (Matches the festival mount)
  • War-steed Cosmetic Saddle (Matches the festival mount)
  • Steed of the Jester
  • Last year, this was a rare drop chance from the gift boxes obtained via barter for flowers. This year it can be purchased directly for flowers.
  • New gift-box rare drop – Full Spring War-steed Cosmetic Set
  • You can purchase the full set through other means (see above), but if you’d like to try your luck, you have a chance to obtain the full set from the gift boxes!

Rick Heaton, Community Manager, The Lord of the Rings Online.

Source: https://forums-old.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?511377-Update-11-Treachery-of-the-White-Hand-Release-Notes-Official

Update 11:Treachery of the White Hand Known Issues

QT Launcher

  • The Play button in the launcher will sometimes not work, preventing you from accessing the game. Changing your language setting and then changing it back will allow you to log in properly.

Mounted Combat

  • Infinite Cowbell! Using a cowbell while in mounted combat will cause the audio to infinitely loop until logout. You did want more cowbell, right?

Mithril Coins

  • 'Get More Mithril Coins' button not translated in French/German clients.


  • Major Ballad - Healing does not crit when in Melody stance.

Monster Play

  • High ranking food does not scale appropriately.


  • The quest Scylfig: Celebration Feast is not currently available to players.

Source: https://forums-old.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?511371-Update-11-Treachery-of-the-White-Hand-Known-Issues