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Image of Saruman
Title White Wizard
Gender Male
Race Maia
Region Dunland
Area Starkmoor
Settlement Avardin
Map Ref [83.5S, 20.8W]


A mighty Maia of Aulë, known in Valinor as Curumo. He was sent with four others (Olórin, Aiwendil, Alatar, and Pallando) to Middle-earth in order to guide the Free Peoples against the return of Sauron. Due to his extensive knowledge and wisdom he was made the leader of the White Council and was known as Saruman the White. Lured by the promises of evil's devices, he has turned his back on his old allies, as Saruman Of Many Colours. Saruman intends to seize the One Ring, or at the very least stand as servant to a victorious Sauron - and in time to have his ear and direct his courses, to control him.

Saruman is found at Isengard in the tower Orthanc. Having outright betrayed the Valar and Sauron, he actively seeks the Ring for himself, and needs it desperately to survive his precarious position, having lost the trust of the Free Peoples and the favour of Mordor.

He is fought during the Tower of Orthanc 12-man raid. For information about his vitals during this encounter, see Saruman (The Tower of Orthanc).

Quest Involvement

Vol. 3, Book 4


"Isengard bids five."



In the movie The Return of the King Saruman dies in Orthanc, being thrown down and impaled on a spiked wheel of a machine. However, in the books, Saruman rather went on with the scouring of the Shire where he later died when Grima slashed his throat. (And Grima then died being shot by Hobbits when he tried to escape.) It should be noted that Lotro closely follows the books.