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A set of mannequins in Archet.

Mannequins are used by vendors throughout Middle-earth to display outfits for sale. They are usually displayed in a four-mannequin set of a Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Hobbit.

While these originally served as in-world links to the LOTRO Store, they currently use the intermediary Mithril Coin currency. Each outfit costs 50 Mithril Coin .

Current Offers:

Box 8 (store)-icon.png Set of the Aiwenor
Box 8 (store)-icon.png Set of the Lady's Charge
Box 8 (store)-icon.png Set of the White Tree
Box 8 (store)-icon.png Worn Ranger's Set
Box 8 (store)-icon.png Dúnadan Workman's Outfit Gift Box


More Locations coming soon.