Ill Omens

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The Ill Omens skirmish event is a special event which is held periodically.

Ill Omens in the form of Harbingers of the Dead have appeared in skirmishes. The event involves defeating these mobs during standard skirmishes played within 8 levels of all characters involved. A set of specific daily quests are provided to handle these skirmishes. These are accessed from Nedda Pinleaf who is at several Skimish camps.

During the event players will have the Ill Omens-icon.png Skirmishes -- Ill Omens effect active.


Ill Omens Skirmish event is scheduled for February 2 - February 28 2023
Previous Dates
2021: February 10 - March 14
2020: February 19 - March 18
2019: November


Nedda Pinleaf