Eithel Úmfaer

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Eithel Úmfaer
Type: Ruins
Region: Angmar
Area: Imlad Balchorth
Location: [4.8N, 29.8W]
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Eithel Úmfaer is found within Imlad Balchorth in Angmar. [4.8N, 29.7W]

High above the barrows and fell pools below, these ruins are located, centered around the master shrine of the area. It is here that the necromancers of Angmar bind fell spirits to do their bidding. One such spirit, Deluches being the key to their mastery over them. The ruins can be reached by a long set of stairs on the west side or a winding path from the east.

At the northern tip of the ruins, overlooking Imlad Balchorth, the Library of Múl Kholuim, known as Dor Gûl can be found.




The following creatures are found within this area:


The eastern hill that leads up to Eithel Úmfaer Ruins on the western ascent to Eithel Úmfaer Strange, blue lichen growing on the ruins The master shrine of Imlad Balchorth