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Type: Angmarim Town
Region: Angmar
Area: Fasach-falroid
Location: [7.2N, 34.4W]


Donnvail is a landmark within Fasach-falroid in Angmar. [7.2N, 34.4W]

This Hill-men town can be found in the eastern section of Fasach-falroid, crouching just under the shadow of Carn Dûm. The town is overrun by traitorous Hill-men of the Trév Duvárdain tribe, as well as their new Angmarim allies. All gates are blocked but one, at the south-eastern end of the town. From there a zigzag route runs though the various neighborhoods until reaching a dead end at its northern sections. In the innermost, north-eastern section, elite Angmarim patrols the streets, so any wishing to challenge their rule should exercise caution. It is here that two powerful servants from Angmar are found, Muiráthakh, dubbed the "Silent Judge", and his Gorthorog executioner, Fûshath.

This location does not offer any services, except for a very small remnant of Hill-men loyal to Trév Gállorg that are silently opposing the forces of Angmar, when they find chance. But it is hard to remain unnoticed with such an evil presence in the town, hence they quietly offer missions to those brave enough to assist them.


Donnvail Street View

HillmanM.png Artagan
HillmanM.png Branan
HillmanM.png Cormag
HillmanM.png Enan
HillmanM.png Garvan
HillmanF.png Morven
HillmanF.png Raghnaid
HillmanF.png Una
HillmanM.png Uthagan




The following creatures are found within this area:


"In the western reaches of Angmar lies the village of Donnvail, the home of Hill-men friendly to the Rangers of the North. These people, unlike their brethren in Aughaire, live under the direct oppression of the Angmarim and their masters in Carn Dûm, swearing fealty to the Witch-king of Angmar. They spend their dismal lives farming and hunting to feed the evil hosts of Mordirith, the False King.
"Though some of the simple folk of Donnvail see through the veil of lies with which the Angmarim have blanketed their town, there is little they can do to throw off the shackles of their oppression. Others readily betray anyone who dares to speak against Angmar, seeking only to curry the favour of their masters." — lorebook


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The hill-men have managed to cultivate some fields outside the city The gate, and only entrance, of Donnvail The narrow district just within the gate A rebellion has silently gathered in a corner of the city Muiráthakh's seat of power in the final district of Donnvail A towering, Angmarim spire erected in the city