Dance of the Races

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Festival Dances

During all seasonal Festivals, Dance Leaders will teach characters up to eight special racial dances (two from each Race) by completing dance lessons. There is one Dance Leader located in each of the festival grounds of Thorin's Hall Inn and The Festival Garden in Ered Luin, The Party Tree in The Shire, and the Festival Grounds in Bree-land.

Dance lessons take place approximately every 20 minutes, and the quests are available for about 5 minutes before the dance begins. As of U20, the quest start times are random.

When the Dance Leader starts, target the leader and follow their instructions using the commands /dance1, /dance2, or /dance3 as they instruct you. The time to perform each step decreases with the quest's progression.

At the end of the lesson, the Dance Leader returns to their original position and you are able to select your reward: either the first or second dance emote from that race. Complete the lessons again to learn all the dances!


You can click the dance-emote icons that appear next to the quest description to automatically do the required dances.

As of Update 17.2, you can use the "emote" Collections panel to both determine which Dance moves you know, and to actually execute them.
  • It is recommended that you drag the emotes Dance1, Dance2, and Dance3, to your quickslot bar to aid in completing the dance quests as outlined in Dance of the Races.

Be sure you have dance leader selected before dancing begins!

The dance steps for each lesson are always the same:

  • /dance1

Phase 2:

  • /dance2
  • /dance3

Phase 3:

  • /dance2
  • /dance2
  • /dance3

Phase 4:

  • /dance3
  • /dance1
  • /dance3

To avoid having to type the emotes for each step, you can create quickslot buttons for the 3 dance step steps (# will usually be 61, 62, and 63 to put them at start of quickslot bar 5):

  • /shortcut # /dance1
  • /shortcut # /dance2
  • /shortcut # /dance3

See Main article: Aliases_and_Quickslot_Shortcuts for more details on shortcuts and aliases.

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