Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh

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Background & Location

The Crafting Hall in total view is huge

The Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh is the main crafting place of Mirkwood. It is located in a cave within Ost Galadh[14.5S, 51.1W].


Burglars, keep alert! Ivoron seems to be easily distracted by intellectual food. Maybe those elven eyes aren't as sharp as you first thought...



Crafting Hall.jpg
  • It is possible to use the Superior Forge while standing 3m above ground level, on top of several crates.
  • It is a mystery what Rory Bolger is doing here, since there is no workable farmland anywhere near. It is obvious, though, that he feels small between all those tall elves: thus he stands on a stool. Give him a hug when you walk by.

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