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Locations within Middle-earth are also known as Points of Interest and on the WIKI referred to as Landmarks -- Category:Landmarks
  • They are laid out on a rectilinear coordinate system (along X and Y axes). The X-axis corresponds to East-West coordinates and the Y-axis to North-South.
The line between north and south is approximately at Túli-mält in Forochel, just north of Evendim.
The line between east and west is Barad-dûr in Mordor.
A technical note: You will notice that not all of Middle-earth displays coordinates in one of the first two forms mentioned below. Any Instance or interior displays no corrdinates. Many Instances and Dungeons either display no coordinates, or coordinates which do not relate to the location where one entered them. This is basically because these are as are, quite literally, not contiguous. the /loc command

The World Map

Players can display a map of Middle earth called "the World Map" by typing "m," or clicking on the map button on the radar. This will display the map appropriate to your current location. You can move out to the next level up map by clicking on ths open space of the map.
Particular maps to be displayed are controlled by drop-down menus found at the top left of the World Map.
Their display is controlled by the "Filter Map Notes" pulldown on the World Map.
  • The name and coordinates for these locations are shown when the player moves their mouse over the icon.
  • The format of the coordinates are 00.0N, 00.0W. For example, the coordinates for the mailbox in Celondim are 28.2S, 92.1W. Location coordinates are shown throughout Lotro-wiki.com using the Tooltip Coords

template which will display a pop-up map with a "swirling" indicator at the location. The just mentioned mail box will display as: Celondim Mailbox [28.2S, 92.1W]

Finding your location coordinates

Players can find their current location coordinates in multiple ways.
First, the coordinates of your current location can display under the Radar display in the main game window.
In Options select UI Settings, Scroll near the bottom to the Misc section, select "Show Location Coordinates on Radar."
Second, immediately below that option, if you select "Show Map Cursor Coordinates," when you have the World Map displayed, the lower left corner of the map will show the coordinates of the cursor as you move it across the map.
You may have to move (or deselect) the Quest Guide box on the World Map to see those coordinates.
Third, by typing ;loc in any chat window. The ;loc command is a pre-programmed alias and therefore begins with a semicolon. The result of this alias is a set of north-south and east-west coordinates following the format described above. The coordinates will be displayed in the currently selected chat window. In order to avoid disturbing other people, players should send a tell to themselves with the ;loc alias. For example, the following command will send a tell to the character YourName with the player's current coordinates.
/tell YourName ;loc
A custom alias can be created and assigned to a Quickslot location for easier use. See alias for more information.
Finally, using the /loc command will give a much longer, developer oriented, set of location information. This is the information you need to cut and paste into a /bug report. The parameters displayed provide the developers with explicit information which they need, but which the player never sees.
For an in-depth explanation of the output of the /loc command see :

Contributing Location Articles

With the help of fellow players we believe that most, but not all, in-game locations either have an article or a "stub". The latter may be almost a skeleton, but may also be articles that are in need of updates. You are very welcome to submit facts, missing screen-shots, or lore; please see Create new location for information, guidelines, and links to help-files.