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Aiding the Eastemnet

To begin, a player must first speak to Edgal to be given 25 tokens of Hytbold, then speak to him again to spend them on the initial rebuilding efforts. Then, speak to Rinwald to accept the 'Aiding the Eastemnet' daily quest.

  • Beginning with Update 10, players can reset the cooldown on the quest Aiding the Eastemnet at a cost of 5 Mithril Coin (5 Mithril Coins) which can be purchased from the LOTRO Store. To Reset the counter, after completing your 5 quests, for Aiding the Eastemnet return to Rinwald in Hytbold and talk to him again. The reset option will now appear. Note that the Mithril Coin icon will show the Hours and minutes remaining on the Cooldown timer (until 03:00 EST), not the cost.

Rebuilding Hytbold

Token of Hytbold-icon.png Tokens of Hytbold acquired from Aiding the Eastemnet can be used to rebuild parts of the town. Currently all rebuild quests just need 1 Token of Hytbold. Most of the available rebuilding quests are gated by Ally and Kindred reputation with the various factions.

These quests can only be completed once per character.

[85] Welcome to Hytbold
[85] The Mead Hall: Rebuild

  • NOTE: Token costs to complete the rebuilding quests: Originally, most quests cost 5 or 10 Tokens of Hytbold to complete but now they cost one

Hytbold Finale

Once the above quests are complete, and the town is rebuilt, the story of Hytbold culminates in the Witan.


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