Bail Róva

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Bail Róva
Type: Angmarim Fortress
Region: Angmar
Area: Western Malenhad
Location: [0.0N, 34.5W]
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Bail Róva is a landmark within Western Malenhad in Angmar. [0.0N, 34.5W]

This enemy fortress stands surround by palisades and is built as two camps athwart the road between Ram Dúath in the south and Malenhad in the north. Thus Bail Róva commands the gates and the most important road for the forces out of Angmar since the only other road passes through the Trév Gállorg settlement of Aughaire. The fortress has many exits but the two camps are disconnected. Angmarim are in the main camp centered around a strange looking tree, and goblins are found south-west cluttered around a large bonfire, nearest the main road. They likely squabble, and the Angmarim almost certainly view themselves superior to the goblins, but they server the same lord and thus share the fort.

Within Bail Róva are several Watching-stones and just outside the south-western entrance is an Ancient Watching-stone, all applying Dread on those coming too close. Ill prepared travellers will likely find themselves imprisoned by Angmarim or goblins, if unlucky to be kept alive. The many gates and passages are guarded by bowmen, and are constantly patrolled by goblin fire pot-throwers.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


The fortress of Bail Róva commands the exit from Ram Dúath as it spills into Angmar. For the armies of Angmar, this is the last major fortress they will pass through before embarking on their campaigns to the south. — Deed text


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The main gates into Bail Róva Large bonfire in the goblin camp of Bail Róva The gates into the goblin portion of the fort The main camp centered around an odd tree Passage under a bridge