Bail Dílas

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Bail Dílas
Type: Angmarim Encampment
Region: Angmar
Area: Himbar
Location: [9.9N, 28.0W]
Bail Dílas.jpg


Bail Dílas is a landmark within Himbar in Angmar. [9.9N, 28.0W]

Along the road at the base of the ramp leading to Rhunendin, lies this Angmarim camp. It serves as a check point for those wishing to travel to the fortress city of Carn Dûm to the west. Inside the camp, Angmarim soldiers can be found honing their combat skills while their priests and priestess practice dark rituals.




The following creatures are found within this area:


This small camp acts as a checkpoint through which travellers and messengers to Carn Dûm must pass before approaching the vast gates of the city. — Deed Text


View of Bail Dílas from the road The backside of the village A fountain in the town's center