Bûrzum Pushdug

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Bûrzum Pushdug
Type: Cave
Region: Angmar
Area: Fasach-larran
Location: [4.2N, 35.0W]
Bûrzum Pushdug.jpg

Bûrzum Pushdug is a landmark within Fasach-larran, in Angmar. [4.2N, 35.0W]

Bûrzum Pushdug Entrance

This cave is a public dungeon located under the hill-men encampment of Tór Gailvin. Whether excavated by man or naturally formed is unknown but one thing is certain, the cavern is best avoided altogether. Within Bûrzum Pushdug large amounts of Yrch, spiders, and wargs have made their homes.


Map of Bûrzum Pushdug



These creatures are encountered at this location: