Búth Sánkhas

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Búth Sánkhas
Type: Tent
Region: Angmar
Area: Aughaire
Location: [0.1N, 39.2W]
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Búth Sánkhas is a landmark within Aughaire in Angmar. [0.1N, 39.2W]

The tent of Búth Sánkhas is found in the south-east of Aughaire, between the market square and the Skirmish camp. Here the hill-men pass down stories of the lost days in order to preserve the tales of their people. This is something visitors will learn from the tasks the hill-women there are willing to hand out.

The Búth Sánkhas Tale-spinner may help unwary adventurers who have lost their quest rewards, she sells quest-items for a fair amount of money.




NPC Function Coords
HillmanF.png Búth Sánkhas Tale-spinner Quest Item Vendor [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Cuinthorn Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Fonghala Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Latharna Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanM.png Machar Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanM.png Torcall Quest - Hunter [0.0N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Clan Herder [0.2N, 39.1W]


Inside the tent of Búth Sánkhas