Búth Luikh

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Búth Luikh
Type: Tent
Region: Angmar
Area: Aughaire
Location: [0.2S, 39.8W]
Búth Luikh.jpg


Búth Luikh is a landmark within Aughaire in Angmar. [0.2S, 39.8W]

In the south of Aughaire, south of the main central cape, lies the tent of Búth Luikh where the hillmen of Trév Gállorg plan for the defence of their refuge in Aughaire. Here a number of hill-men seek shelter and comfort but they are also welcoming of friendly strangers who perhaps could help them with some tasks.

The Búth Luikh Wound-counter may help unwary adventurers who have lost their quest rewards, he sells quest-items for a fair amount of money.




NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Búth Luikh Wound-counter Quest Item Vendor [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Clan Hunters Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Eilig Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Feradakh Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Guirmán Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanF.png Sorkha Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]


Inside the tent of Búth Luikh