Master Farmer

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<name>, Master Farmer
Grouped under: Crafting
You are a Master Farmer.

This title is only available to the those of the Farmer Profession. To obtain this title, you will need to have:

  • obtained the title: Artisan Farmer.
  • gained 520 skill points in tier 5 of this profession.

This is the tier 5 title that is available to a Farmer.

  • It allows you the chance to gain critical successes from your tier 5 recipes.
  • It will be immediately granted upon obtaining the 520 skill points.
Profession Level Skill Needed
Apprentice 200
Master Apprentice 400
Journeyman 280
Master Journeyman 560
Expert 360
Master Expert 720
Artisan 440
Master Artisan 880
Master 520
Grand Master 1,040
Supreme 600
Supreme Master 1,200
Westfold 680
Westfold Master 1,360
Eastemnet 760
Eastemnet Master 1,520
Westemnet 840
Westemnet Master 1,680
Anórien 840
Anórien Master 1,680
Doomfold 840
Master of the Doomfold 1,680
Ironfold 840
Master of the Ironfold 1,680
Minas Ithil 630
Master of the Minas Ithil 1,260