Zúrsnaga's Hideout

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Zúrsnaga's Hideout
Region: East Rohan
Area: Norcrofts
Location: Zúrsnaga's Hideout
Location: [52.2S, 56.8W]
Zúrsnaga's Hideout-3.jpg

Zúrsnaga's Hideout is an interior location near Caddabrand's Camp. [52.2S, 56.8W]

Caddabrand has tracked the Uruk, Zúrsnaga, to a cave south-west of the wolf den.

You notice Uruk-tracks leading deeper into the cave
Zúrsnaga says, Cease for a moment! I must know why the riders hunt me. Is it because of the attack on Cliving?
Zúrsnaga says, Because I broke my word? Disobeyed the wizard? What makes that city different from the others?
Zúrsnaga says, Refusing to attack a city full of men? It makes me sick! I regret nothing. First, you die, then all of Rohan will follow!
Found and defeated Zúrsnaga the Uruk



  • Uruk-hai Marauder
  • White-hand Invader
  • White Hand Marauder
  • White-hand Scout
  • White-hand Bruiser - troll