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  • Allows execution of recipes requiring a Workbench.


Coming close enough to a Workbench this effect will be applied to Tailors, Jewellers and Woodworkers.

Crafting Facility

A workbench is a type of crafting station, used by Tailors, Jewellers and Woodworkers; and by Foresters and Farmers to refine their gathered items. There are two levels of workbench; Superior Workbenches are required for higher tier recipes, and the right to use them has to be earned. Farmers use normal workbenches for all recipes.


Region Location
Angmar Aughaire
Bree-land Bree (several)Combe Crafting HallCombe Lumber CampBuckland's Craft-faireStaddle
Ered Luin Celondim's Crafting TerraceCrafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)DuillondGondamonThorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall
Evendim OatbartonOst ForodTinnudir (Keep)
The Lone-lands Ost Guruth
The North Downs EsteldínTrestlebridge
The Shire BrockenboringsBudgefordBywaterMichel Delving's Craft-fairOverhillSouth Fields
The Trollshaws The Forges of Rivendell
See also Superior Workbench