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About me

I live in Switzerland and regard LoTRO as one of the biggest and best games I have ever seen yet. I prefer to write stories and small books, which is why my Characters have such colorful histories and rich diversities among them. My main character, Anielleth, exists no more (deleted in other terms), where I put her fate here: She set sail for the Undying lands and passed out of the sight of Middle-Earth forever. I have been an avid Role-player for a year, albeit one that shifts from Character to Character, as I often find myself deleting characters that I can't emotionally connect with or bond. I can speak Sindarin to some small extent and can recognize the Genders of ending Suffixes of Names, which can come in quite handy around here when determining the Gender of a certain NPC. ;) Currently I am working on improving numerous NPC (especially Elves) pages, adding missing Landmarks, and formatting new 32x32 pixel icons for newer NPC and mob skins.

I'm a big lore nerd when it comes to LoTRO, my usual aspect is Role-playing. I have been Role-playing for a year now and it has, to say the least, not bored me out yet. I was once a part of the Gilrain server but transferred over to Laurelin out of sheer boredom from PvE. I never turned back since, though I do miss my kinmates and friends that I left behind on that server.

As an aspiring artist, I have also drawn and tried my hand at many things including digital painting (With a mouse!) and photomanipulations. Some of my artwork can be seen below.

Links to other Pages

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Youtube: Icy96PP1's Channel
Twitter: Daerundros' Twitter Profile
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DeviantArt: DeviantArt Profile

Current Wiki Activities

I'm currently working on polishing the areas of The Great River, including quests, Landmarks, NPCs, and Mobs from:

As well as the template box for it's Navigation widget. I am also doing small snags on:

Art Gallery

Characters on Laurelin

Character Race Class Level Vocation Tier Level Kinship Short Description Image
Minstrel-icon.png Daerundros Elf Minstrel 75 Explorer Westfold Master Tailor
Westfold Master Forester
Apprentice Prospector
Glawar en Calidhil A warrior and Archer from the Second Age, descended from Noldorin Remnants of Gondolin. She has the ability to make the fabled Silver arrows of Gondolin and holds great skill in smithing and forging. Daerundros is a stout, free-spirited heart with iron will and determination. DaerundrosBanner1.jpg
Hunter-icon.png Carlotta Woman Hunter 75 Tinker Westfold Master Jeweller
Westfold Master Prospector
Apprentice Cook
Thrice Lucky An emotionally and physically scarred woman who went from Riches to Rags in Bree-town, giving up life as one of the Upper-class after being wrongly branded a criminal. She now lives a Nomadic lifestyle in the Forests of the former Kingdom of Arnor, her mentality slowly deteriorating in the face of lone wanderings and isolation. CarlottaBannerNewer.jpg
Warden-icon.png Ruthoiël Elf Warden 52 Historian Apprentice Scholar
Apprentice Farmer
Apprentice Weaponsmith
Glawar en Calidhil An ancient Vanya-Noldo Healer, who is extraordinarily optimistic for one as old as her. Exceedingly patient and tolerant, but wary of other races, Ruthoiël firmly believes that Middle-Earth will be free of the shadow one day. Ruthoiel 9750.jpg
Lore-master-icon.png Duinien Elf Lore-master 18 N/A N/A
Glawar en Calidhil A Mariner who carries herself like a High-born noble Teleri Lady. However, for all her Eloquence and manners she has been sheltered her entire life and has never experienced the pains of War, with the sole exception being her brother's accidental death. Duinien 10697.jpg
Champion-icon.png Selarthil Elf Champion 27 N/A N/A
Glawar en Calidhil A Wood Elf of Mirkwood who serves in a rather vaguely-known Organization called the Tirn. Unlike her fellow bow- and sword-wielders, Selarthil went against tradition and wields a large battle-hammer, showcasing her passion and a rather exceeding assertiveness which borders on an overinflated sense of self-entitlement. Selarthil 7312.jpg