The Croft-watch

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Type: vista
Region: East Rohan
Area: Sutcrofts
Location: [54.0S, 58.9W]


The Croft-watch is rumoured to be the fairest and most scenic place in the Sutcrofts; fair dinkum, the vistas truly are spectacular!

On a high, wind-swept bluff, Croft-watch straddles the border between Sutcrofts [54.0S, 58.9W] and Norcrofts [54.0S, 58.9W]. It is a point of interest in East Rohan.

Gazing to the East one overlooks Faldham and Hytbold in the Norcrofts. Turning about, Garsfeld and the Orc camp, Krash-Bálum, in the Sutcrofts are seen to the West. The Croft-watch sits between the two.

To the South one sees the fertile green fields of the Sutcrofts. Many of those around Garsfeld have been scorched brown by the invading Orcs.


The following deed can be advanced by visiting this location:


The following creatures are found within this area: