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Area.png Talvi-mûri
Region: Forochel
Landmark(s): Hylje-leiri
Settlement(s): Kuru-leiri
Levels: Mainly 49 - 50
Resource tier: Master

Talvi-mûri is an area within Forochel in the north-western region.

The name means "winter wall" in Finnish and lies north of Länsi-mâ, between the west-most shorelines of the Ice Bay of Forochel and the north-most mountain ridges of the Blue Mountains. This desolate glacial area is populated by elks and ice-worms, but recently a large population of gauredain have begun roaming the icy expanses. At Hylje-leiri are daily quests available for improved standing with the Lossoth, though first cleaning the location from gauredain requires a few fellows.

At Hylje-leiri is also the shipwreck after King Arvedui, the last King of Arthedain, who fled the wrath of Angmar. He and his men were helped by the Lossoth, but whether by pity or fear, or both, is now shrouded in mystery. In March of III 1975 an Elven ship reached Forochel from Círdan the Shipwright, after having sailed west of the Blue Mountains over the Great Sea. However, after embarking the ship a storm crushed it in the ice, and all men perished. Among lost treasures may be noted the two Palantíri of Arnor, the greater stone from Amon Sûl and the stone from Annúminas. Though Arvedui gave the "Ring of Barahir" to the Lossoth leaders, it is assumed that many other heirlooms were lost as well.

Kuru-leiri is found in the northern end of the area, a small hunting camp with basic services. Only a few Lossoth stay there, fearing the hunger since their provisions are dwindling, and a Hunter who, curiously, has lost his Fellowship as well as track of where he is. The camp provides a Stable-master with only one route, swift travel to Sûri-kylä, Milestone, Camp Site Fire, as well as a Healer, Supplier & Provisioner, and a Hunter Trainer. There are also a few quests available for the surrounding locations.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Talvi-mûri:



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Gauradan.png Nicca


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The following creatures are found within this area:


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