Scholar's Guild-hall

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Scholar's Guild-hall
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell Valley
Location: The Last Homely House
Location: [29.6S, 3.3W]
Scholar's Guild-hall.jpg

The original Scholar's Guild-hall is an interior within the Last Homely House in Rivendell Valley. [29.6S, 3.3W]

The Scholar's Guild is a crafting guild that is found on the first floor of the southern wing, just under Elrond's Library. This guild rewards scholars that have gained required standing with access to improved or special recipes; see the vendors respectively.

Within the guild hall is also a Vault-keeper found. Just being inside the guild-hall counts as being near a study.


Scholar's Guild-hall Entrance
NPC Function
HumanF.png Ethel Applegarth Scholar's Guild Leader
HobbitF.png Melongene Took Scholar's Guild Scroll Recipes
HumanF.png Sue Foxglove Scholar's Guild Scroll Trader
Dwarf.png Spiall Scholar's Guild Improved Recipes
Dwarf.png Siggir Scholar's Guild Legendary Recipes
ElfF.png Vault-keeper Vault-keeper

NPCs are also found in these locations:




In order to gain reputation in your chosen guild ...

  1. Purchase guild recipes from Melongene Took, the Scholar's Guild Scroll Recipes vendor
  2. Craft any or all of the recipes to make "scrolls"
  3. Right-click on the scrolls to gain guild reputation. Consider using a reputation accelerator (may be granted by Hobbit presents, or purchased from Marks vendor).
  • Repeating this daily, with normal real life interruptions, a character can gain Westemnet standing with the Guild in about a month.
  • The easiest way to reach Honoured (Minas Ithil) Master of the Guild standing is to have the Minas Morgul Expansion. Pick up the quest Know the Enemy - Analysis from Ethel Applegarth. The quest chain gives a total of 200.000 rep, which will result in Honoured (Minas Ithil) Master.

Item Points Cooldown
Small Expert Scroll-icon.png Small Expert Scroll 300   18 hours
Medium Expert Scroll-icon.png Medium Expert Scroll 900   2 days 18 hours
Small Artisan Scroll-icon.png Small Artisan Scroll 400   18 hours
Medium Artisan Scroll-icon.png Medium Artisan Scroll 1,200   2 days 18 hours
Small Master Scroll-icon.png Small Master Scroll 500   18 hours
Medium Master Scroll-icon.png Medium Master Scroll 1,500   2 days 18 hours
Large Master Scroll-icon.png Large Master Scroll 3,000   6 days 18 hours
Small Supreme Scroll-icon.png Small Supreme Scroll 600   18 hours
Medium Supreme Scroll-icon.png Medium Supreme Scroll 1,800   2 days 18 hours
Large Supreme Scroll-icon.png Large Supreme Scroll 3,600   6 days 18 hours
Small Westfold Scroll-icon.png Small Westfold Scroll 700   18 hours
Medium Westfold Scroll-icon.png Medium Westfold Scroll 2,100   2 days 18 hours
Large Westfold Scroll-icon.png Large Westfold Scroll 4,200   6 days 18 hours
Small Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png Small Eastemnet Scroll 800   18 hours
Medium Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Scroll 2,400   2 days 18 hours
Large Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png Large Eastemnet Scroll 4,800   6 days 18 hours
Small Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Small Westemnet Scroll 900   18 hours
Medium Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Medium Westemnet Scroll 2,700   2 days 18 hours
Large Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Large Westemnet Scroll 5,400   6 days 18 hours
Small Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Minor Token of Esteem - Scholar's Guild 10,000   none
Small Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Guild Leader's Scroll 50,000   none


The Scholar's Guild rewards its fellow members with improved recipes from Expert and up; see the following vendors to claim them when you gain the required reputation level:

  • Spiall - Scholar's Guild Improved Recipes
  • Siggir - Scholar's Guild Legendary Recipes
  • Maenasdir - in the Vineyards of Lórien sells scrolls containing unique Lothlórien recipes for all trades. These require various reputation levels with the respective guilds and the Elves of Lothlórien.


The inner study of the Scholar's Guild Hall