Pit of Iron

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Needs Interior Infobox and Boilerplate. Pit of Iron is a Public Dungeon interior landmark in the area of Heathfells in the Gap of Rohan [86.1S, 3.7W]
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The Pit of Iron is a Public Dungeon and cave dwelling in the north-eastern region of the Gap of Rohan, in the Heathfells. This is the area that Dunlending and Rohirrim are taken to, being forced into slavery to make weapons and armor for the armies of Saruman. The area is similar to Moria in the respect that mobs are relatively close together and the zone takes some time to memorize how to navigate without getting lost. Also, the character's location is not visible on a map. It is possible to ride a goat within this location.



Deeds in this area contribute to:

Can be completed in this zone:


  • See Gap of Rohan Quests - A list of all quests in play-through order.
  • Getting started with the Pit of Iron quest chain is somewhat confusing (It begins outside!) There's info on the page linked above.
  • The Dwarf Ondor's quests in the list below are usually the ones "missing" needed to complete the Deed: Quests in the Heathfells.
Just like in Moria, you can ride a goat while inside the Pit of Iron.
You spot something lying next to the cave entrance...

WARNING: Might need to finish Meriun's two worm-quests Something Moves Down There.... and The Devourer before doing the Revolt in the Deeps? Starting the revolt means that Meriun will leave the cave, not sure if he will still be down there again afterwards to let you finish his quests if you do the Instance: Revolt in the Deeps first, so save that for last just in case.


Landmark Area Location Deed
The Smelters Pit of Iron [50.7N, 92.4W] Exploring the Heathfells
Slave Stockades Pit of Iron [51.3N, 91.4W] Exploring the Heathfells
The Underworkings Pit of Iron [50.8N, 93.0W] Exploring the Heathfells


The following creatures are found in this area:


Map of the Pit of Iron Pit of Iron Zone-In Coordinates

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